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Integration and Coordination Center: Data Resource Center, Knowledge Center, Cloud Implementation Center, Center for Training and the relation between each Center and Programs.

The Common Fund Data Ecosystem Enters Phase 2 with new Data Resource and Knowledge Centers

New Centers will create platforms to access, use, and learn about Common Fund data resources and knowledge.

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Mapping Connections Between Drugs, Genes, and Birth Defects

Parental exposure to some environmental pollutants, foods, cosmetics, and drugs may affect fetal development and lead to birth defects.

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Building a Healthier Ecosystem: CFDE Expands with New Data Coordinating Centers and Partnerships

The Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE) program aims to enable broad use of the data generated by its many programs by creating a data ecosystem—the…

Common Fund Data Ecosystem: A New Frontier in Biomedical Research

Common Fund Data Ecosystem: A New Frontier in Biomedical Research

Innovative collaborations will create useful tools for scientific discovery

Big data and AI.

Enhancing the Utility of Common Fund Data Sets: Maximizing Data Set Usage

To maximize the impact of Common Fund generated data, engage a broader community of end-users for wider adoption of these data sets, and to obtain…

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