Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE)

1.  What is the Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE)?

2.  Why is the CFDE focused on Common Fund (CF) data sets? Isn’t there a need for NIH to tackle this issue as a whole?  

3.  How is the Common Fund coordinating with ODSS or other NIH entities on these efforts?

4.  What types of data will be accessible via the CFDE?

5.  What about CF data/tools once a Common Fund program ends?

6.  Will the CFDE establish standards for the Data Coordinating Centers (DCCs) to follow and generate tools to share within the whole Common Fund community?

7.  What is the CFDE Coordinating Center (CFDE-CC) doing?

8.  What is the DCC Engagement Opportunity Announcement (EOA) and what will the awards support?

9.  Is participation in CFDE required for Common Fund programs?

10. Could a non-Common Fund DCC participate in the CFDE?

11. How do I become part of the CFDE?

Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation and Sustainability (STRIDES) Initiative

12.  What is the Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) Initiative?

13.  Does STRIDES provide funding?

14.  How does the STRIDES Initiative relate to the CFDE?

15.  Is STRIDES required for Common Fund programs?

16.  What if my program already has a contract or other arrangement with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)? How can STRIDES help and will this affect ownership of the data?

17.  How do I get started with STRIDES?

18.   If my Data Coordination Center (DCC) receives in-kind services from STRIDES, what happens to the money that was budgeted for cloud storage/compute/etc.?


CFDE Engagement Opportunity Announcement (OTA-20-005)

19.  Will the due date for the second round of Engagement Opportunity Announcement proposals be extended due to COVID-19?

20.  Has the new submissions process changed anything about the requirements, submission instructions, and review process for Detailed Engagement Plans?

21.  When will funds for the DCC Engagement Opportunity Announcement (EOA) be awarded, how much will they be, for how long, and how many awards?

22.  May DCCs submit multiple applications?

23.  When submitting the Engagement Opportunity Announcement (EOA), what budget format should be used?

24.  The EOA says that there will be an additional cross-pollination workshop for the second round of engagements, with the date to be determined. Will there be a second workshop?

25.  After the first round of proposals, if a DCC without an existing Engagement Opportunity Award wants to propose a collaboration with a DCC that received an Engagement Opportunity Award in the first round, does the DCC that already has an award need to submit an additional proposal?

This page last reviewed on July 6, 2021