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Program Snapshot

Data Ecosystem: AI, in vitro, in silico, in chemico.The NIH Common Fund’s Complement Animal Research In Experimentation (Complement-ARIE) program will speed the development, standardization, validation, and use of human-based New Approach Methodologies (NAMs).

NAMs are lab or computer-based research approaches intended to more accurately model human biology, and complement, or in some cases, replace traditional research models. The Complement-ARIE program will build upon ongoing efforts related to NAMs, while identifying opportunities for innovation and coordination.

Complement-ARIE will significantly advance understanding of human health and disease by providing a range of ready and standardized biomedical research models. Developing these models will require expertise in disease research, personalized medicine, and in screening therapeutics for safety and effectiveness.

Complement-ARIE will bring these expertise together through a consortium of researchers participating in the following efforts:

  • Technology development projects/centers that will develop NAMs to fill in areas of greatest need. Projects will emphasize biological complexity, high throughput techniques, combining approaches, and data sharing.
  • A data & NAM resource coordinating center that will create integrated data structures and a searchable NAMs repository. 
  • A validation network that will accelerate deployment and regulatory approval of NAMs for biomedical research.
  • Community engagement and training that will promote the development of an inclusive, diverse, biomedical research workforce with the skills to build and use new NAMs. 
  • Strategic engagement with key partners that will advance emerging opportunities in development and use of NAMs in basic, translational, and clinical research.

To learn more about Complement-ARIE strategic planning activities, visit: Complement-ARIE strategic planning. 

To learn more about related work being done at NIH, visit: NIH NCATS Tissue Chip for Drug Screening Program



News & Announcements

The Common Fund has announced winners of the Complement-ARIE Challenge prize competition! View the winners in the new Complement-ARIE highlight.

To learn more about the prize challenge, visit: Complement-Animal Research in Experimentation (Complement-ARIE) Challenge.

On January 25, 2024, The NIH Council of Councils approved the concept of the NIH Common Fund's Complement Animal Research In Experimentation (Complement-ARIE) Program. Find out more by browsing the presentation slides and program description.  Or watch the videocast. 

The NIH Director released a statement on catalyzing the development of NAMs. 

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