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Program Snapshot

Bridging Interventional Development Gaps (BrIDGs)Bridging Interventional Development Gaps (BrIDGs) provides eligible scientists with no-cost access to contractor services, such as toxicology studies, for pre-clinical therapeutic development. BrIDGs is now housed in the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).

Visit: http://www.ncats.nih.gov/research/rare-diseases/bridgs/bridgs.html​ for more information.  

Program Highlights

Stories of BrIDGs Success
Cover of Common Fund Commemorative bookBrief descriptions of two researchers who successfully made use of BrIDGs services are available on pages 39 & 40 of the commemorative book:  A Decade of Discovery: The NIH Roadmap and Common Fund. In these descriptions, you'll learn about the BrIDGs program's contributions to a new therapeutic candidate for Beta Thalassemia and a novel gene therapy approach to Pakinson's disease. Click on the image to get started.

The Bridging Interventional Development Gaps (BrIDGs) Program has transitioned from Common Fund support. Common Fund programs are strategic investments that aim to achieve a set of high-impact goals within a 5-10 year timeframe. At the conclusion of each program, deliverables will transition to other sources of support or use within the scientific community.

The BrIDGs program was supported by the Common Fund from Fiscal Year 2004 to Fiscal Year 2013. Currently, the program is supported and administered by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). Visit their website here.

Highlights of the BrIDGs program’s major accomplishments during its time as a Common Fund Program:

  • Research data and material generated by BrIDGs were involved in 13 successful Investigational New Drug applications to the FDA.
  • One clinical trial application was cleared by Health Canada.
  • Twelve projects were evaluated in clinical trials including three BrIDGs supported agents that went as far as Phase 2 human clinical trials.
  • Third-party investors licensed 7 agents during or after their development by BrIDGs.

Please note that since the BrIDGs program is no longer supported by the Common Fund, the program website is being maintained as an archive and will not be updated on a regular basis.

Schematic for BrIDGs concept



Schematic for BrIDGs concept: Where private sector capacity for drug development is limited or not available, the NIH can help to bridge the gap by providing resources needed to facilitate development of promising therapies

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