Virtual Workshop Opportunities

1.NIH/KOMP Workshop on Gene Essentiality and Fetal Precision Medicine
Thursday, January 7, 2021
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This workshop will explore how best to combine IMPC and human sequencing resources for fetal precision medicine. It will focus on furthering our understanding of the intolerome and apparently dispensable genes identified in consanginous populations. Please note this is not a Kids First event. 

2.Kids First Data Resource Center & Monarch Initiative Webinar: Innovation Across the Phenotypic Translational Divide
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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This webinar, hosted by the Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Center (Kids First DRC) and Monarch Initiative, aims to foster new collaborations among a rapidly expanding community of development biologists, clinicians, tools developers, and data scientists seeking to accelerate pediatric research.

Attendees will help identify new opportunities for building connections across resources to promote cross-species discovery with the ultimate goal of improving preventative measures, diagnostics, and therapeutics for children and families impacted by childhood cancer and structural birth defects.

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