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Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Cremins

4DN Investigator Spotlight: Jennifer Phillips-Cremins

Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Cremins is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She researches the brain and how neurons (nerve cells) in…

Manipulating the organization of DNA in the cell nucleus.

Scientists Develop Molecular Tweezers with CRISPR-GO

One of the goals of the 4D Nucleome (4DN) program is to understand how organization of all the DNA in the nucleus – called the genome – affects cell…

3D Mapping Strategy Reveals Framework for Gene Expression

Chromatin is a complex of genomic DNA and proteins that make up the chromosomes within the nucleus of a cell. The organization of genomic material…

Measuring tape measuring size of cell nucleus.

Making the Nucleus Measure Up

The dynamic 3D organization of DNA in the tiny nucleus of a cell plays a critical role in determining which genes are turned on in a cell (gene…

Illuminating liquid forces at play in living cells video.

New Tools to Study Cellular Phase Separation

4D Nucleome program-funded investigator Dr. Clifford Brangwynne and his team have developed two new tools to study and control cellular phase…

A tangled robe with a knot.

Misfolded DNA Contributes to Neurodegenerative Disease

Over 1% of our DNA is made up of repeated sequences, which equals tens of thousands of short repeat tracts.

This diagram described in the image caption.

Turning on Genes is No Lonely Job

At any given time, only some of the genes in our DNA are turned on, or “active,” while others are turned off. Making sure only the correct genes are…

Organization of chromosomes around nuclear bodies.

New Technique for 3D Genome Mapping

The 3D organization of DNA in the nucleus of a cell plays an important role in determining which genes are turned on in that cell. This has important…

Close proximity of enhancer and target genes allows gene activation.

Viewing the Moment a Gene Turns On

Genes are the segments of our DNA that code for proteins that determine our traits. Over 90% of our DNA does not encode genes and was long considered…

Cells going through mitosis or cell division.

Packaging Chromosomes for Cell Division

Determine how the structure of DNA in the nucleus of a cell changes over time

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