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The three-dimensional organization of the cell’s nucleus.

New and improved SPRITE: Now with RNA!

Understanding the three-dimensional organization of the cell’s nucleus in space and time isn’t limited to studies of our genetic material, DNA

The three-dimensional organization of the nucleus.

4D Nucleome Program Makes Awards for Stage 2

The 4DN program will continue to support research on the three-dimensional organization of the nucleus and how it shifts over time (the fourth…

Color-coded DNA sequence on the monitor with a microscope.

A “Micro” Technology Yields Big Details

The 4DN program has improved our understanding of how DNA is packaged and organized in the crowded space of the nucleus.

STOP sign and crossing.

Are There Cellular Checkpoints on the Road to Cancer?

Providing scientists with the tools and resources to monitor the changes in gene activity from groups of cells in tumors as well as small changes in…

Dr. Pombo.

4DN Investigator Spotlight: Ana Pombo

Building tools to map our DNA

Dr. Bing Ren

4DN Investigator Spotlight: Bing Ren

Expanding our research toolbox

Dr. Bradley Cairns.

4DN Investigator Spotlight: Bradley Cairns

Understanding the relationship between chromatin architecture and biological development and how changes that occur early in development may impact…

A decorative image.

Pumping the brakes on heart disease: How DNA dynamics may influence early and late stage heart health

Nearly 1% of all live births are impacted by congenital heart disease (CHD) and over 500 regions of our DNA are associated with cardiovascular…

Cooked spaghetti

DNA is packed differently in each tiny cell nucleus

DNA is organized inside the nucleus of a cell like a ball of cooked spaghetti. The organization of DNA can determine whether a gene encoded by the…

Dr. Andrew Belmont.

4DN Investigator Spotlight: Andrew Belmont

Dr. Andrew Belmont is a Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology as well as a Professor of Biophysics and Quantitative Biology at the University…

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