2017 TCPA Awardees

Ten researchers received the Transformative Collaborative Project Award (TCPA) to build trans- or interdisciplinary teams that will pursue novel research or develop new tools and technologies to support the 4DN mission.


Elucidating the role of nascent RNA in enhancer-promoter communication and three-dimensional genome organization
PI: Karen Adelman, Co-PI: Joanna Wysocka
Harvard Medical School

Establishing the 3D chromatin architectural organization of the zebrafish embryonic genome
PI: Brad Cairns, Co-PI: Antonio Giraldez
University of Utah

Multi-Contact Conformation Capture: uncovering regulatory hubs and mutually exclusive topologies
PI: Wouter de Laat, Co-PI: Jeroen de Ridder
Hubrecht Institute

Tethered nuclease strategies for in situ mapping of 3D nuclear organization
PI: Steve Henikoff, Co-PIs: Kamran Ahmad, Jay Shendure, William Noble
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Inference and Validation of Chromosomes 3D Structure via Statistical Shape Analysis of Elastic Curves Models
PI: Nicola Neretti, Co-PIs: Anuj Srivastava, Chao-Ting Wu
Brown University

The Cell Nucleus under Stress
PI: Karla Neugebauer, Co-PI: Joan Steitz
Yale University

Accessing chromatin interactions by high-resolution analyses of correlated regulatory element variation
PI: Tomi Pastinen, Co-PIs: Elin Grundberg, Guillaume Bourque
McGill University

Spatiotemporal dynamics of chromatin: the circadian and aging connection
PI: Arturas Petronis, Co-PI: Ting Wang
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Dynamic 3D folding of the mammalian genome: molecular determinants and impact on gene expression in vivo
PI: Francois Spitz, Co-PIs: Leonid Mirny, Thomas Gregor
Institute Pasteur, Paris, France

Development of TrAC-loop, a novel technique to detect genome-wide chromatin interactions
PI: Keji Zhao, Co-PIs: Gangqing Hu, Binbin Lai, Qingsong Tang

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