The NIH Roadmap to Membrane Protein Structures and Complexes

The 4th Membrane Protein Technologies Meeting

The 4th NIH Roadmap meeting to Membrane Protein Structures and Complexes will be  held at the San Francisco Westin Hotel in downtown San Francisco on Wednesday November 28th 2012, 8:00 AM through Friday, November 30th, noon. This Meeting will be hosted by the Membrane Protein Expression Center , one of the membrane protein technology centers funded by the NIH Common Fund Structural Biology Program.   The meeting is being coordinated by Robert Stroud, director of the MPEC center, UCSF.

This series of meetings have been very successful in generating open exchange and sharing of technologies, materials, and ideas focused on targeting membrane protein structure determination. This 4th meeting in the series provides a unique opportunity for all investigators engaged in developing and applying new technologies for structural biology of membrane proteins and complexes to focus on technologies that facilitate membrane protein structure determination, and recent structures of membrane proteins. This meeting will include all investigators supported by the NIH common fund program for structural biology, and invites all PSI member membrane protein groups, and all investigators of membrane protein structure to participate fully. Presentations and discussions chosen from submitted abstracts will focus on progress as well as overcoming barriers that could transform functional expression of membrane proteins and complexes, and structure determination at atomic resolution. Corporate participation is encouraged for those companies who are actively working on membrane protein targets, and those producing equipment and reagents for membrane protein research. Corporate involvement in abstract submission, presentations or display for the meeting is encouraged. For questions about corporate registration please contact

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