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The information in these pages are meant to provide general guidance. Instructions and procedures outlined in the funding opportunity, SF424 Application Guide, and NIH Grants Policy Statement take precedence over any information provided and should be referred to for complete and comprehensive directions.

This tool was developed to assist you with determining your eligibility to the NIH Director's Early Independence Award. This tool should not be used as the sole determination of eligibility. Check the funding opportunity for full eligibility requirements.

  1. Time Window
  2. Postdoctoral Experience
  3. Current Position
  4. Institution
  5. Research Effort
  6. Result

Time Window

Have you, or will you, graduate with your terminal research degree or complete your clinical training sometime between May 1, 2023, and September 30, 2025?
1. No – You are not eligible for the Early Independence Award because you do not meet the eligibility dates.

This page last reviewed on May 23, 2024