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A red ant surrounded by black ants.

Potential supergene drives genetic leap in ants

Dr. Waring “Buck” Trible, explores how biological systems are developed and influenced by genetic cues.

A glass of drinking water.

Shedding Light on Racial Disparities in Access to Clean Public Drinking Water

In the United States, environmental exposures have been a longstanding public health concern.

Rejecting alcohol.

Reducing Binge Drinking with a Pill

Can binge drinking be reduced with a pill? Binge drinking, also known as heavy episodic drinking, is highly prevalent in the U.S., and is defined for…

The dollar sign from the pills.

Unveiling Racial Disparities in Barriers to Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma, a group of diseases that result in eye damage, is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.

Kidney histology.

Slide-seq: A Novel Method to Map Tissue Cells

RNA is used to measure gene expression— which genes are active in a cell. Scientists can use patterns of gene expression to tell the difference…

Globe Listening to Headphones.

Is Music a Universal Language?

Music has been hailed as “the universal language of mankind.”

A hospital bill and credit card.

Saying “No” to Pay-As-You-Go?

Health care spending is growing, and multiple efforts have been proposed to curb it.

Frustrated Child Being Calmed.

ADHD or Adolescence

To address the query, Dr. Jena and his team scoured an insurance claims database with information on roughly 407,000 U.S. children, also providing…

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