Frequently Asked Questions for enhancing the utility and usage of Common Fund data sets

Overview Questions

1. What is the Common Fund?

2. What is the goal of this funding initiative?

3. Where can I find more information about previously funded studies through the Notice of Special Interest: Availability of Administrative Supplements for Enhancing Utility and Usage of Common Fund Data sets?

R03 Objective Questions

4. What kind of research falls under this RFA?

5. Which Common Fund data sets are eligible for funding?

6. Can non-Common Fund data sets be included in the research strategy?

7. Is there a minimum number of data sets that are required to be used?

Application Budget and Submission Requirement Questions

8. Can an institution/research team submit more than one application to the RFA?

9. What are the details for funding levels?

10. Do I need a letter of intent?

11. What are the page limitations?

12. Are Non-Domestic entities and foreign components allowed to apply?

13. What are the requirements for data and resource sharing for this FOA??

14. How will applications be reviewed

This page last reviewed on November 12, 2019