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Program Snapshot

The goal of the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) is to develop an open and global platform to map healthy cells in the human body.  In humans, the proper functioning of organs and tissues is dependent on the interaction, spatial organization, and specialization of all our cells.  Scientists estimate there are 37 trillion cells in an adult human body, so determining the function and relationship among these cells is a monumental undertaking.  Using the latest molecular and cellular biology technologies, HuBMAP researchers are studying the connections that cells have with each other throughout the body.  HuBMAP will build the framework necessary to construct the tools, resources, and cell atlases needed to determine how the relationships between cells can affect the health of an individual.

Image of the Week

Cell DIVE image of DNA damage caused by sun exposure in skin cells, courtesy of Dr. Liz McDonough in the Ginty lab at GE Research

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This page last reviewed on July 18, 2024