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Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions on this page are for current LINCS funding opportunities. To see archived Frequently Asked Questions for past LINCS funding opportunities, visit the Archived Funding Opportunities Page.


FAQ for NOT-RM-15-012 Notice of Availability of Administrative Supplements to Extend the Scope and Reach of LINCS Datasets

What parent grant mechanisms are eligible for one of these supplements?
It is expected that R01, R21/R33 and U01 awards will be eligible for these supplements. For awards supported by other mechanisms, please contact one of the contacts in the Notice to check for suitability.

What are the restrictions on allowed budget request and duration of the proposed work?
NIH may allocate up to $2M in FY2015 to fund 5-6 awards. The maximum award budget is $200,000 total cost for the applicant for FY2015, and the work must be completed within the approved project period of the parent award. The supplement request must stay within the original Council-approved scope of the parent award.

How do I submit an administrative supplement application?
Applicants considering a submission are strongly encouraged to first contact one of the NIH contacts listed on the Notice, as well as their IC program officer, to ensure the proposed work is appropriate. Although this Notice identifies an opportunity to request administrative supplements, there is no guarantee that funds are available from the awarding IC for any specific grant. Prior to submission, applicants must review the awarding IC's web site to ensure they meet the IC's requirements. A list of those web sites is available at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/admin_supp/index.htm. Applications must be submitted under PA-14-077.

What is the process for selecting and awarding supplements?
Applications for administrate supplements will be evaluated by NIH program staff, who will consider the ability of the proposed supplement activities to increase the parent award’s overall impact within the original scope of award, the ability to enhance the value and utility of the LINCS resource, and program balance.

How are these administrative supplements funded?
Awards will be made using funds from both the IC supporting the original application to be supplemented and the LINCS Common Fund. As such it is important that the applicant make the program officer of the parent grant aware of this request. Please specify LINCS and this Notice number early in the application.

This Notice solicits for new data generation projects. Will supplements to support new computational approaches be accepted?
This announcement is aimed at enhancing the value of the LINCS data using experimental approaches. Purely computational projects are out of scope. However, the LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center is offering a collaborative opportunity to the biomedical community that is focused on computational/data science projects. (http://www.lincs-dcic.org/#/edsr) Exit Disclaimer

Will supplements to support technology development approaches be accepted?
This announcement is aimed at enhancing the value of the LINCS data using experimental approaches. Purely technology development projects are out of scope, but if high quality data is being generated as part of a technology development project, this could be responsive. Please contact one of the NIH contacts listed on the Notice, as well as your IC program officer, to ensure the proposed work is appropriate.

My idea would involve measurements conducted at one of the LINCS centers. How would this work?
Applications that request generation of new data by LINCS Centers should include supporting letters from the appropriate LINCS Center PI(s) (http://lincsproject.org) Exit Disclaimer and should include a separate page for budget request appropriate for the LINCS Center as well.

What are the page limitations for the administrative supplement application?
All page limitations described in PA-14-077 must be followed, with the following exceptions or additional requirements:

  • Introduction section not to exceed 1 page
  • Research Strategy and Specific Aims should not exceed 2 pages
  • Biographical Sketch not to exceed 1 page

What data release policies apply to these administrative supplements?
Data and tools generated with this resource will be made available to the community on a rapid basis as benefits a community resource like LINCS. A 6-month embargo for public release of data after QA/QC will be implemented. Other principles and criteria outlined in the LINCS Publication & Data Release policy as described on the lincsproject.org website will be followed.

Are there special considerations for iPSC focused projects?
iPSC lines for consideration must allow for broad distribution with the research community, and have significant clinical data available.

Are there other collaborative opportunities with the LINCS Consortia?
Yes, this Notice is one of the Outreach efforts to the community focused on experimental approaches. There is a parallel effort focused on computational collaborations run by the BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center (http://www.lincs-dcic.org/#/edsr) Exit Disclaimer. Other systematic outreach and training efforts are described here (http://lincsproject.org/community) Exit Disclaimer.


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