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Office of Strategic Coordination Contacts

To learn more about each OSC member’s Functional Area, Programs, Contacts, and Biography, please click on their contact cards listed alphabetically below. For more information email

Douglas Sheeley, Sc.D. headshot.

Douglas Sheeley, Sc.D.

Acting Director, OSC
Ph: 301-594-9762
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Angela Ambrosi, M.P.A. headshot.

Angela Ambrosi, M.P.A.

Management Analyst
Ph: 301-402-2955
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Sara Amolegbe headshot.

Sara Amolegbe

Health Science Policy Analyst
Ph: 984-215-1144
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Raymond Bisogno headshot.

Raymond Bisogno

Program Specialist
Ph: 301-480-4095
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Rebecca Black, Ph.D. headshot

Rebecca Black, Ph.D.

Health Science Policy Analyst
Ph: 301-480-7447
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David Bollweg headshot.

David Bollweg

Program Analyst
Ph: 301-451-3046
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Cheryl Anne Boyce, Ph.D. headshot.

Cheryl Anne Boyce, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Re-engineering the Research Enterprise (RRE)
Ph: 301-496-0667
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George Bramhall, B.A. headshot.

George Bramhall, B.A.

Budget Analyst
Ph: 301-667-1834
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Rachel Britt, Ph.D. headshot.

Rachel Britt, Ph.D.

Communications Director; Strategic Planning, Evaluation, and Communications Team Leader
Ph: 301-435-0968
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Alexandria Burns headshot.

Alexandria Burns

Other Transactions Specialist
Ph: 301-827-6353
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