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Program Snapshot

ImageThe Glycoscience program aims to create new methodologies and resources in the study of glycans that are accessible to the broader research community. Carbohydrates play critical roles in nearly every aspect of biology, but the complexity of carbohydrate chemistry makes glycan synthesis, sequencing, and study inaccessible to most biomedical researchers.

The Common Fund Glycoscience program began in the fall of 2015 and so far, has made three rounds of awards: 18 for synthesis, 44 for tool development, and 3 for informatics. The Glycoscience Program issued a series of exploratory/developmental research grants followed by larger and longer-term cooperative agreements to attract a wide range of ideas and to help jump-start tool development for difficult glycans. Despite the inherent difficulties associated with glycan chemistry, the program has had two new technologies for glycan synthesis and identification move to commercialization and a new method to more easily purify glycans (to 99.5% purity for biological studies) has been achieved. Several program resources are publicly available. The Glycoscience program was featured in the Nature Methods technology feature “Metabolism: sweeter paths in glycoscience”.


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