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Program Snapshot

The Nanomedicine Initiative has two major goals:

  1. Understand how the biological machinery inside living cells is built and operates at the nanoscale.
  2. Use this information to re-engineer these structures, develop new technologies that could be applied to treating diseases, and/or leverage the new knowledge to focus work directly on translational studies to treat a disease or repair damaged tissue.

The program began in 2005 with a national network of eight Nanomedicine Development Centers.  Now, in the second half of this 10-year program, the four centers best positioned to effectively apply their findings to translational studies were selected to continue receiving support.


Program Highlights

Chaperone Fragments as Therapeutic Agents for Huntington Disease



Tunable quantum dots for medical imaging

Tunable quantum dots for medical imaging



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Nanomedicine Development Centers (Active):

Nanomedicine Development Centers (Previously Funded):

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