SPARC Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the current OT1 FOAs

We appreciate your interest in the current SPARC funding opportunities and hope that you and your team will choose to submit an application. In order to maximize your chances of success, we would like to provide some guidance that may be helpful as you put the finishing touches on your application:

  1. Please view the informational webinar slides provided below to be sure that your application is consistent with the information provided.


  1. For clarification of these or other issues, we encourage you to submit your questions to the respective research component email listed below and/or the scientific contact listed in the RFA.

General Questions for RFA-RM-17-009

1. Does SPARC use the NIH grant mechanism?

2. I’m confused: SPARC2, SPARC4, OT1, OT2, OT3?

3. My organization is an XYZ. Does that mean I have any special preference or disadvantage?

4. Can I submit an application without DUNS and SAM numbers?

5. Do I need a signing official to submit the RFA-RM-17-009 OT1 pre-application?

6. Is there a recommended period of performance and budget level?

7. Is funding based on a payline?

8. Will I be able to protect intellectual property (IP) that I generate under the award?

9. Does receiving an OT award affect my Early Stage Investigator or New Investigator status?

10. What are my chances of being funded?

11. Can SPARC partially select a pre-application?

12. I’m concerned about how the reviewers will interpret X.

13. If selected, when can I expect to receive funding?

14. Is there any more information I can read before I contact the SPARC team?



15. Will collaboration with other SPARC investigators be required?

16. If the applicant PI is in the US, can funding be requested to pay research collaborators or partners in another country?

17. Can I be involved in more than one team / can I submit more than one OT1 pre-application?


Specific Questions for RFA-RM-17-009


1. How long will it take to hear about my OT1 application?

2. Will I get feedback on my OT1 submission?

3. How do I budget for data sharing?

4. Can I submit my application late?

5. What is the maximum project duration? RFA-RM-17-009 says 4 years, but RFA-RM-17-010 says 3 years.



6. Can you help me find collaborators?



7. What does Priority XYZ mean?

8. Do you expect clinical translation?

9. Which/How many of the Priorities for this receipt date will be repeated on the next receipt date?

10. I see a Priority that matches what I want to pursue, but it’s listed under a future or past receipt date. Will you accept this?

11. I am interested in developing viral vectors or other genetic approaches to facilitate imaging/targeting or interfacing with peripheral nerves and/or end organs in large animals. Does this fit within a current Priority?

12. I don’t see a Priority that describes the project I want to pursue, and I think my ideas are relevant to SPARC’s mission.

13. How much emphasis is placed on innovation?

14. Do proposed tools and technologies need to address organs that are currently funded by SPARC? Or are technologies for mapping other nerve-organ systems responsive to the funding announcement?

15. I’d like to use an existing device/technology to study the nervous system or organ function, is this the right funding announcement?

16. I have technology X, is it useful to you?

17. Can I ask you about my Aims and hypothesis??

18. What is the most common problem you see in OT1 applications?

19. I have a unique approach to interface with nerves that is X times better than prior art, and I want to build it into a system. Which is the best Priority for me to apply to?

This page last reviewed on July 21, 2017