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$9.8 million Neuromod Prize to accelerate the development of targeted neuromodulation therapies
Neuromod Prize - #NeuromodPrize,

SPARC has launched the Neuromod Prize, a $9.8 million competition to accelerate the development of targeted neuromodulation therapies. The first phase calls on scientists, engineers, and clinicians to submit novel concepts and plans for development. With this competition, NIH hopes to bridge the gap between early-stage research and clinical use for solutions capable of targeting multiple autonomic functions through selective stimulation of the peripheral nervous system. The competition is open to U.S. participants, subject to eligibility requirements. Phase 1 participants will submit concept papers describing their proposed therapeutic approach and plan for conducting proof-of-concept studies, rationale for therapeutic use, and clinical impact. Submissions are due by April 28.

Learn more about the Neuromod Prize in the press release. Prospective participants can register to join the February 7 virtual information session.  


This page last reviewed on August 23, 2023