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Program Resources

Bioinformatics Tools:

Pharos- The user interface portal to access, query, filter, and visualize data accrued by the Knowledge Management Center.

Dark Kinase Knowledgebase- Website that serves as a test bed for ideas concerning how to display and collate information concerning understudied kinases.

TIN-X- The Target Importance and Novelty Explorer is a web-based research tool which can be used for disease target prioritization.

Harmonizome- A data integration and visualization platform which aggregates data about genes and proteins from a wide range of sources.

Harmonizome mobile apps

GEO2Enrichr- A web application that is designed to extract differentially expressed gene sets from studies posted on the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database.

Enrichr- An integrative web-based gene list enrichment analysis tool providing various types of visualization summaries of collective functions of gene lists.

GEN3VA- Gene Expression and Enrichment Vector Analyzer aggregates and analyzes gene expression signatures extracted from GEO by the crowd using GEO2Enrichr.

CREEDS- Crowd Extracted Expression of Differential Signatures web portal contains collections of processed gene, drug and disease signatures from GEO. The CREEDS portal also provides the data through API. Users can search the data by submitting their own signatures for analysis.

RESTful Open Annotation- A website that provides a simple API for sharing annotations online.

TCRD – The Target Central Resource Database contains the information resources that feed into Pharos.  It has a REST API.

DTO – Website containing the visualization of the Drug Target Ontology utilized in Pharos.

Drug Central – An online drug compendium that is utilized for target classification in Pharos.

DOCK Blaster- An online tool that can be used for structure-based ligand discovery.

ZINC- A database of commercially-available compounds that can be used for virtual screening.

Experimental Tools:

PRESTO-Tango Kit- Kit that can be used to measure receptor activation for more than 300 GPCRs.

TRUPATH - Kit that is a collection of 20 plasmids encoding alpha, beta, or gamma subunits of the heterotrimeric G protein complex for detection of heterotrimer dissociation.


Ogerin - The website for the commercial source for Ogerin, an allosteric modulator of orphan GPCR, GPR68.

(R)-ZINC-3573 - The website for the commercial source for (R)-ZINC-3573, a selective agonist probe of the orphan GPCR, MRGPRX2

This page last reviewed on March 14, 2024