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Logo.GlyGen is a data integration and dissemination project that retrieves information from multiple international data sources. Click below to access tutorials on using GlyGen and other online GlyGen resources.


GLYCAM is a tool that facilitates computer modeling of carbohydrates.


CVLS4GAGs Beta is a tool for modeling glycosaminoglycan interactions with proteins. The tool is available for use for investigators with an edu/org/gov affiliation.

Generated from the Glycoscience Program

Developed through the Glycoscience Program

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Table 1. Accessible Resources Generated from the Glycoscience Program
PI Name Resource Description Publication(s) Availability through Website or Company Contact
Geert-Jan Boons Automation of chemoenzymatic synthesis Methods for automation of chemoenzymatic synthesis; Methods to prepare building blocks for use on his automated platform for chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycans; Commercialized a library of enzymes suitable for these purposes; Several glycans and glycan libraries have been synthesized and some have been used to prepare glycan arrays

PMID: 30792508;

PMID: 29603480;

PMID: 30532014;

PMID: 29096185

Glyco Expression Technology (;

Zymtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc (;

VIAMUNE, Inc (ViaMune.html)
Lei Li Automation of chemoenzymatic synthesis of O-glycans Glyco-enzymes (for synthetic purposes) developed and standard protocols for chemoenzymatic synthesis of O-glycans; Machine driven approach for the automatic synthesis of glycans and glycopeptides (using a peptide synthesizer)

PMID: 29732660;

PMID: 30375138;

PMID: 34117223;

PMID: 32677091;;;
Marshall Wayne Bern Byonic search Enhancement of the Byonic proteomics search engine for glycopeptide analysis (Integrated analysis of complementary fragmentation modes, integrated analysis of MS1 and MS2 (that is, intact and fragmented peptides), and finally topology (“cartoon”) assignment for glycopeptide spectra).

PMID: 29651731;

PMID: 30370771;

PMID: 34725484; N/A
Brian Haab CarboGrove CarboGrove is a resource of glycan-binding specificities created through analyzed glycan-array data from all platforms. PMID: 35352123
Xi Chen Chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycosphingolipids Chemoenzymatic methods for the total synthesis of Glycosphingolipids; Necessary enzymes and substrates for assembly of easy-to-use reagent kits; Kits to prepare various glycosphingolipids via chemoenzymatic synthesis

PMID: 29789847;

PMID: 33760402;

PMID: 34152144;

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS) Inc.

Hai Yu Chemoenzymatic synthesis of polysaccharides Methods for the chemoenzymatic synthesis of several different bacterial oligosaccharides; Prepared and optimized enzymes for these purposes

PMID: 33520345;

PMID: 32920523;

PMID: 33414981;

PMID: 34606245;

PMID: 32073825

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS) Inc.

Umesh Desai CVLS For GAGs A computational tool for understanding GAG recognition of proteins.

PMID: 29328962;

PMID: 28124818;

PMID: 32346466
Robert J. Woods GLYCAM-Web An on-line platform for modeling glycan/glycoprotein 3D structures, searching and retrieving them from the protein database, and facilitating their simulation

PMID: 32929138;

PMID: 32841605;

PMID: 31034567;

PMID: 32653452;

PMID: 33910736
Lara Mahal GlycoMiR Integrated within GlycoEnzDB providing data on miRNA regulation of mRNA translation 

PMID: 34085516;

PMID: 31585501

Integrated within
Lori Yang GlycoSense: Glycoprotein analysis via lectin suspension arrays A simple flow cytometry assay using glycan-specific reagents conjugated to microspheres (beads) for multiplex detection of key glycofeatures
Natasha Zachara Glycotuners (98 constructs), 7 Destination vectors encoding tuning; and 37 Gateway compatible constructs encoding OGT, OGA, GFAT1, and UAP, as well as mutants A suite of tools that enable small molecular regulation (Trimethoprim/Shield) of the expression of the O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT), O-GlcNAcase (OGT), Glutamine Fructose-6phophate aminotransferase 1, 2 (GFAT1,2), and UDP-N-Acetylglucosamine Pyrophosphorylase (UAP1/2). PMID: 34004049
Carolyn Bertozzi & Sharon Pitteri IsoTag & IsoStamp Reagent for orthogonal metabolic labeling of glycans

PMID: 28244757;

PMID: 26995354;

PMID: 25894945;

PMID: 27695962;

PMID: 29351928
Jennifer Kohler Photocrosslinking GlcNAc analog Method and reagents that can be used to identify cellular binding partners of glycosylated molecules

PMID: 34331854;

PMID: 34288588
Catherine Leimkuhler-Grimes Probes N-acetyl muramic acid orthogonal metabolic probes

PMID: 31763799;

PMID: 29986130
Table 2. More Resources Generated from the Glycoscience Program
PI Name Resource Description Publication(s) Availability through Website or Company
Stefan Ruhl Affinity reagents Harnesses sialic acid binding proteins found in human oral microflora as additional glycan binding affinity probes PMID: 32820052  
Alexei Demchenko Automation of chemical synthesis An HPLC based automated synthesis platform, and development of synthetic methods and polymer supports for solid-phase glycan synthesis PMID: 27575052;
PMID: 27808325;
PMID: 29227649;
PMID: 29693690;
PMID: 29861508;
PMID: 30147293;
PMID: 30407673;
PMID: 31066275;
PMID: 31930269;
PMID: 32785304
Adam Linstedt Biosensors of GalNAc transferase activity Protein-based fluorescence sensors that traffic in the secretory pathway to monitor GalNAc-transferase activity in living cells. The sensors can either be “pan” or isozyme specific. PMID: 27632006;
PMID: 25225288
Weiping Tang Catalytic methods development Site-selective alkylation and acylation methods for carbohydrates; Mild way to prepare glycosyl chlorides, bromides, and esters for cross-coupling glycosylation. PMID: 32026682;
PMID: 31739665;
PMID: 31066162;
PMID: 34911160;
PMID: 32691596
Clay Bennett Catalytic methods development Stereoselective glycosylation reactions for the direct construction of beta-linked glycans using appropriately selected sulfonyl chloride promoters in the absence of directing groups; Construction of rare deoxy-sugar monosaccharides including a novel gold-catalyzed process for the cyclization of homopropargyl orthoformates; Automation of these new methods PMID: 29572995;
PMID: 31021647;
PMID: 31305082;
PMID: 32281384;
PMID: 32293636;
PMID: 34463017;
PMID: 31880395;
PMID: 31550879;
PMID: 31755271;
PMID: 29953219;
PMID: 31534883
Hien Nguyen Catalytic methods development New catalytic methods utilizing a phenathroline catalyst or a visible-light-mediated copper catalyst for the synthesis of glycans. PMID: 30920099;
PMID: 34168901;
PMID: 29520326
Matthew Brichacek Catalytic methods development A novel fluorescent multifunctional neoglycoside auxiliary (N-(2-ThioEthyl)-2-AminoBenzamide, (TEAB) synthesized as a versatile reagent for preparing thiol-functionalized glycans in high yield PMID: 33761407;
PMID: 34264248
Liming Zhang Catalytic methods development New catalytic methods for the synthesis of glycans PMID: 30439547;
PMID: 31396001;
PMID: 32431565;
PMID: 34319729
Jonathan Amster GAG sequencing Automated capillary electrophoresis-­tandem mass spectrometry platform for the structural analysis of mixtures of glycosaminoglycan oligomers that are isolated in protein binding assays PMID: 29501428;
PMID: 30773923;
PMID: 32718661;
PMID: 31616929;
PMID: 32641905
Hannes Buelow GAGs HTP assay for cell surface HS; DNA clones for scFvs encoding HIS-tagged anti-HS and Fc-fusion antibodies; protein preparations of scFvs A high- throughput, multiplexed fluorescence-based platform to define the HS surface characteristics of a cell using a set of HS-specific single chain variable fragment (scFvs) antibodies. DNA clones for scFvs encoding HIS-tagged anti-HS and Fc-fusion antibodies will distributed upon request on a fee for service basis. Similarly, protein preparations of scFvs will be distributed on a fee for service basis. In Press

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Lianchun Wang Heparan Sulfate (HS) mutant mouse lung endothelial cells library Heparan Sulfate (HS) mutant mouse lung endothelial cells library with all major HS-biosynthesizing and remodeling enzymes targeted, to enable systematic interrogation of HS structure-function relationship in a cellular context PMID: 30377379
Yong Zeng Microfluidic actuator-based targeted glycomic profiling method Provides a “sample-in-answer-out” microfluidic lectin-antibody barcode array platform for sensitive, quantitative targeted glycomic profiling in a high-throughput manner. PMID: 29306434  
Ajit Varki Sialoglycan Recognizing Probes (SGRPs) A selection of biotin-labeled sialic acid binding proteins with distinct specificities and matched non-binding mutants In Press EMD Millipore
David Crich & Peter Andreana Synthetic methods development for carbohydrate synthesis New methods for the chemical synthesis of glycans PMID: 34343001;
PMID: 33350830;
PMID: 32320231
Chris West T cruzi O-glycan standards & tools T cruzi O-glycan standards & tools to identify novel glycosylation-associated drug targets for treating protozoan parasites PMID: 30649355
Adam Linstedt T3Inh-1 Membrane-permeant, isozyme-selective, small molecule inhibitor of GalNAc-T3. Effective in cells and mice. Mechanism is direct and mixed-mode. PMID: 28362263  
Huiwang Ai UGAcS, UXPS, bapaUGAc, ecpApple, and UGlcS UGAcS is a genetically encoded fluorescent indicator for UDP-GlcNAc, and UXPS serves as the control indicator with responses to UTP and UDP; bapaUGAc is a genetically encoded fluorescent indicator for UDP-GlcNAc in the ER and Golgi, and ecpApple serves as the control indicator with responses to pH changes; UGlcS is genetically encoded fluorescent indicator for UDP-Glucose. PMID: 34729420
(plasmids are available from Addgene or by contacting
Christina Woo Writing and erasing O-GlcNAc from target proteins in cells Fused nanobodies to O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) or O-GlcNAcase (OGA) as proximity-directing agents to selectively “write” and “erase” O-GlcNAc from a target protein in cells PMID: 33686291;
PMID: 32119511;
PMID: 34783346;
PMID: 33950562
Xu Wang Nanopore sequencer for GAGs (pending) This platform will enable single chain sequencing of glycosaminoglycans PMID: 31121093;
PMID: 28000682

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