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Once thought to exist only within cells, RNA is now known to be exported from cells and play a role in newly discovered mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication. The Common Fund’s Extracellular RNA Communication (ERC) program aims to discover fundamental biological principles about the mechanisms of extracellular RNA (exRNA) generation, secretion, and transport; to identify and develop a catalogue of exRNA in normal human body fluids; and to investigate the potential for using exRNAs as therapeutic molecules or biomarkers of disease.

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Related Funding Opportunity! 

NIH has announced a new funding opportunity that is related to, but separate from, the Common Fund's Extracellular RNA Communication program.

Read PA-13-197 The Role of Extracellular RNA in Mediating the Health Effects of Alcohol (R21)

Program Highlights ​

Extracellular RNA Shows Promise in Treating Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurological Conditions

Dr. Richard Kraig and colleagues are exploring how extracellular microRNAs could be used as a novel therapeutic for multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases.

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Learn more about Unlocking the Mysteries of Extracellular RNA Communication
Videos on Extracellular RNA

Learn more about Unlocking the Mysteries of Extracellular RNA Communication here

Watch a mini documentary series on Exosomes by Life TechnologiesCorp, featuring several ExRNA Communication grantees and Working Group members!

Part 1: What is an Exosome? Exit Disclaimer
Part 2: The History and Promise of Exosomes Exit Disclaimer
Part 3: Exosomes in Cancer Research Exit Disclaimer
Part 4: Curiosity and a Passion for Science Exit Disclaimer
Part 5: Collaboration - The Key to Scientific Success Exit Disclaimer
Part 6: Exosomes - The Next Small Thing Exit Disclaimer


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