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    NEW! Exciting Career Opportunities with the NIH Common Fund!

    Are you interested in leading scientific programs designed to change the way science is conducted – through the establishment of new scientific fields or paradigms, the development of technologies or methods that change the way scientists approach their work, or the generation of comprehensive data sets or other resources that catalyze investigator-initiated research and enable discovery? If so, consider applying for a Program Leader position in the Office of Strategic Coordination (OSC), which manages the NIH Common Fund.

    Read more about the role of OSC Program Leaders here.

    Read more about how to apply for an OSC Program Leader position here.

    NEW! Open Meetings of the H3Africa Program in South Africa

    The Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) program announces two meetings open to the public in Stellenbosch, South Africa:

    May 30, 2014: “Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases in Africa: Harmonizing H3Africa Genomic Epidemiological Teams and Tools
    Workshop to stimulate discussion among African researchers and to enhance the understanding of how relations among the observable effects of cardiovascular disease can be targeted to decrease the burden of cardiovascular disease.

    June 2, 2014: “African Genomic Variation and Disease Gene Discovery
    Genome Analysis Session to discuss strategies for gene discovery in African populations and the design of an H3Africa custom genotyping chip.

    Click the hyperlinks above for information and to register for the meetings.

    NEW!  NIH Common Fund Grantees and Staff Get Creative

    In June of 2014, the NIH will commemorate 10 combined years of achievement by the NIH Common Fund, and it is predecessor, the NIH Roadmap. As part of the 10-Year Commemoration activities, grantees are invited to participate in a song competition and a video competition both designed to engage the public with fun and creative presentations of NIH Roadmap/Common Fund supported programs. NIH staff involved in administration of Common Fund programs are also encouraged to participate in the song contest. The best songs and videos will be featured at the June 19, 2014 10-Year Commemoration Symposium, with songs performed by NIH Director Dr. Collins himself! Competition entries are due Friday, April 4th (note the extended deadline).

    The competition entry submission system is now closed.  NIH staff are screening contest entries for adherence to contest rules.  For updates, visit the competition site here


    The NIH Common Fund is managed by the Office of Strategic Coordination, part of the Division of Program Coordination, Planning and Strategic Initiatives (DPCPSI).

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