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Program Resources

To learn more about MoTrPAC and its resources, please view the program's flyer or explore the sections below.

Data Access

All data will be accessible through the MoTrPAC Data Hub maintained by the Bioinformatics Center. An integrative multi-omics analysis will be prioritized to develop a molecular map of exercise-related changes in the body. Find information about currently available data releases and instructions for accessing the data by visiting the Data Hub, or by clicking the Data Hub link on the consortium's website.

Ancillary Study Policy

The MoTrPAC study is designed to discover and perform preliminary characterization of the range of molecular transducers (the 'molecular map') that underlie the effects of physical activity in humans. To make the best possible use of this resource, MoTrPAC encourages investigators to develop ancillary studies (AS) in conjunction with the MoTrPAC study and to involve other investigators, within and outside of MoTrPAC, in this process. Towards this end, MoTrPAC has developed an interactive AS approval process that facilitates the development of AS and also assures the compatibility of the proposed AS with the resources, efficient execution, and mission of the overall MoTrPAC program.

To learn more about the AS study policy, or to submit an AS proposal, visit the consortium's website.

Recruitment Information

MoTrPAC study recruitment and enrollment is ongoing. If you are interested in participating, please visit the consortium’s website for more information or to check your eligibility.

Study Protocols and COVID Manual of Procedures (MOP)

Protocols for the MoTrPAC study, including the animal, adult, and pediatric MOPs, are available on the consortium’s website.

Because exercise is an aerosol-generating activity, the MoTrPAC study has also developed and made available a MOP Safety Appendix for COVID-19.

This page last reviewed on March 19, 2024