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H3Africa Program Resources​

H3Africa Consortium: facilities modern research approaches to study genomic and environmental determinates of common diseases with the goal of improving the health of African populations. The initiative consists of 48 African projects that include population-based genomic studies of common, non-communicable disorders such as heart and renal disease, as well as communicable diseases such as tuberculosis. 

H3ABioNetis a pan-African Bioinformatics Network for the Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) consortium that comprises 28 different Nodes based in 17 countries, 16 in Africa and 1 in the USA. H3ABioNet was established to develop bioinformatics capacity in Africa and specifically to enable genomics data analysis by H3Africa researchers across the continent. For additional details on bioinformatics education, training and tools watch a video

Biorepositories: a network of three biorepositories for storing and distributing biological samples throughout the African continent. Biospecimen requests need to be approved by the Data and Biospecimen Access Committee (DBAC) to insure that secondary use complies with the policies and principles of H3Africa.

H3Africa Genotyping Chip: a pan-African genotyping array designed by the H3Africa consortium and Illumina that contain a panel of genetic variants and clinically relevant variants selected from African sequence data. The chip/array is a tool for the analysis of genetic data from individuals of African descent and to study genetic basis of diseases in a diverse population. 

This page last reviewed on June 26, 2024