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The NIH Common Fund’s Somatic Cell Genome Editing (SCGE) program is working to improve the efficacy and specificity of gene editing approaches to help reduce the burden of common and rare diseases caused by genetic changes. Genome editing technologies present an exciting prospect for treatments and possibly even cures for these diseases. SCGE is developing quality tools to perform and assess effective and safe genome editing in non-reproductive (“somatic”) cells of the body. These research tools will be made widely available to the research community to reduce the time and cost required to develop new therapies.

The SCGE consortium is developing targeted delivery systems for the delivery of editors into somatic cells and improved human gene editing tools. It is exploring new methods for assessing unintended biological effects, including better animal models for testing gene editing tools and delivery systems. Information about these approaches, technologies, and tools will be disseminated in a toolkit through the SCGE dissemination and coordinating center (DCC). Click on the thumbnail image above for an overview of the program and how it is working to achieve its goal.  

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This page last reviewed on May 15, 2023