Frequently Asked Questions for New Models of Data Stewardship

We appreciate your interest in the New Models of Data Stewardship Program. This list of frequently asked questions will be updated periodically as new questions are received. The list was last updated on 10/22/18.

What is the New Models of Data Stewardship (NMDS) Program?

How do the Data Commons Pilot and the STRIDES Initiative relate to NMDS?

What is STRIDES and how does it work?

How does the Data Commons Pilot interact with the STRIDES Initiative?

How will researchers be billed to use hosted data through these partnerships?

How does the STRIDES Initiative work with Google Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services?

I am an NIH-funded researcher. Can I take advantage of the STRIDES Initiative today?

When will the STRIDES Initiative be available to NIH and extramural investigators?

Is the Data Commons Pilot ready for adding more data and investigators?

This page last reviewed on October 23, 2018