Transformative High Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy (187)
Publication TitleAuthorsJournalPublication DatePage NoPubMedID
Batch Production of High-Quality Graphene Grids for Cryo-EM: Cryo-EM Structure of Methylococcus capsulatus Soluble Methane Monooxygenase Hydroxylase.Ahn, Eungjin; Kim, Byungchul; Park, Soyoung; Erwin, Amanda L; Sung, Suk Hyun; Hovden, Robert; Mosalaganti, Shyamal; Cho, Uhn-SooACS nano2023 Mar 286011-602236926824
rRNA methylation by Spb1 regulates the GTPase activity of Nog2 during 60S ribosomal subunit assembly.Sekulski, Kamil; Cruz, Victor Emmanuel; Weirich, Christine S; Erzberger, Jan PNature communications2023 Mar 02120736864048
Structure and thiazide inhibition mechanism of the human Na-Cl cotransporter.Fan, Minrui; Zhang, Jianxiu; Lee, Chien-Ling; Zhang, Jinru; Feng, LiangNature2023 Feb788-79336792826
Lysate-to-grid: Rapid Isolation of Native Complexes from Budding Yeast for Cryo-EM Imaging.Cooney, Ian; Mack, Deirdre C; Ferrell, Aaron J; Stewart, Michael G; Wang, Shuxin; Donelick, Helen M; Tamayo-Jaramillo, Daniela; Greer, Dakota L; Zhu, Danyang; Li, Wenyan; Shen, Peter SBio-protocol2023 Jan 2036789166
Cross-protective antibodies against common endemic respiratory viruses.Cabán, Madelyn; Rodarte, Justas V; Bibby, Madeleine; Gray, Matthew D; Taylor, Justin J; Pancera, Marie; Boonyaratanakornkit, JimNature communications2023 Feb 1379836781872
Cryo-EM structure of adeno-associated virus 4 at 2.2 Å resolution.Zane, Grant; Silveria, Mark; Meyer, Nancy; White, Tommi; Duan, Rui; Zou, Xiaoqin; Chapman, MichaelActa crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology2023 Feb 01140-15336762860
Nodavirus RNA replication crown architecture reveals proto-crown precursor and viral protein A conformational switching.Zhan, Hong; Unchwaniwala, Nuruddin; Rebolledo-Viveros, Andrea; Pennington, Janice; Horswill, Mark; Broadberry, Roma; Myers, Jonathan; den Boon, Johan A; Grant, Timothy; Ahlquist, PaulProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2023 Jan 31e221741212036693094
Nanovaccines Displaying the Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin in an Inverted Orientation Elicit an Enhanced Stalk-Directed Antibody Response.Frey, Steven J; Carreño, Juan Manuel; Bielak, Dominika; Arsiwala, Ammar; Altomare, Clara G; Varner, Chad; Rosen-Cheriyan, Tania; Bajic, Goran; Krammer, Florian; Kane, Ravi SAdvanced healthcare materials2023 Jan 23e220272936689343
Cryo-EM reveals the molecular basis oflaminin polymerization and LN-lamininopathies.Kulczyk, Arkadiusz W; McKee, Karen K; Zhang, Ximo; Bizukojc, Iwona; Yu, Ying Q; Yurchenco, Peter DNature communications2023 Jan 1931736658135
Unique interface and dynamics of the complex of HSP90 with a specialized cochaperone AIPL1.Srivastava, Dhiraj; Yadav, Ravi P; Singh, Sneha; Boyd, Kimberly; Artemyev, Nikolai OStructure (London, England : 1993)2023 Mar 02309-317.e536657440
A structural dendrogram of the actinobacteriophage major capsid proteins provides important structural insights into the evolution of capsid stability.Podgorski, Jennifer M; Freeman, Krista; Gosselin, Sophia; Huet, Alexis; Conway, James F; Bird, Mary; Grecco, John; Patel, Shreya; Jacobs-Sera, Deborah; Hatfull, Graham; Gogarten, Johann Peter; Ravantti, Janne; White, Simon JStructure (London, England : 1993)2023 Mar 02282-294.e536649709
Structural basis of ferroportin inhibition by minihepcidin PR73.Wilbon, Azaan Saalim; Shen, Jiemin; Ruchala, Piotr; Zhou, Ming; Pan, YapingPLoS biology2023 Jane300193636649314
Mechanism of Ca2+ transport by ferroportin.Shen, Jiemin; Wilbon, Azaan Saalim; Zhou, Ming; Pan, YapingeLife2023 Jan 1736648329
Conformational changes linked to ADP release from human cardiac myosin bound to actin-tropomyosin.Doran, Matthew H; Rynkiewicz, Michael J; Rasicci, David; Bodt, Skylar M L; Barry, Meaghan E; Bullitt, Esther; Yengo, Christopher M; Moore, Jeffrey R; Lehman, WilliamThe Journal of general physiology2023 Mar 0636633586
Inhibition of the proton-activated chloride channel PAC by PIP2.Mihaljević, Ljubica; Ruan, Zheng; Osei-Owusu, James; Lü, Wei; Qiu, ZhaozhueLife2023 Jan 1236633397
Mechanism of NAIP-NLRC4 inflammasome activation revealed by cryo-EM structure of unliganded NAIP5.Paidimuddala, Bhaskar; Cao, Jianhao; Nash, Grady; Xie, Qing; Wu, Hao; Zhang, LimanNature structural & molecular biology2023 Feb159-16636604500
Structural basis of broad-spectrum β-lactam resistance in Staphylococcus aureus.Alexander, J Andrew N; Worrall, Liam J; Hu, Jinhong; Vuckovic, Marija; Satishkumar, Nidhi; Poon, Raymond; Sobhanifar, Solmaz; Rosell, Federico I; Jenkins, Joshua; Chiang, Daniel; Mosimann, Wesley A; Chambers, Henry F; Paetzel, Mark; Chatterjee, Som S; Strynadka, Natalie C JNature2023 Jan375-38236599987
Cryo-EM structure of Shiga toxin 2 in complex with the native ribosomal P-stalk reveals residues involved in the binding interaction.Kulczyk, Arkadiusz W; Sorzano, Carlos Oscar S; Grela, Przemysław; Tchórzewski, Marek; Tumer, Nilgun E; Li, Xiao-PingThe Journal of biological chemistry2023 Jan10279536528064
Sequence-specific remodeling of a topologically complex RNP substrate by Spb4.Cruz, Victor Emmanuel; Sekulski, Kamil; Peddada, Nagesh; Sailer, Carolin; Balasubramanian, Sahana; Weirich, Christine S; Stengel, Florian; Erzberger, Jan PNature structural & molecular biology2022 Dec36482249
Myosin loop-4 is critical for optimal tropomyosin repositioning on actin during muscle activation and relaxation.Doran, Matthew H; Rynkiewicz, Michael J; Pavadai, Elumalai; Bodt, Skylar M L; Rasicci, David; Moore, Jeffrey R; Yengo, Christopher M; Bullitt, Esther; Lehman, WilliamThe Journal of general physiology2023 Feb 0636459134
Structures of the holo CRISPR RNA-guided transposon integration complex.Park, Jung-Un; Tsai, Amy Wei-Lun; Rizo, Alexandrea N; Truong, Vinh H; Wellner, Tristan X; Schargel, Richard D; Kellogg, Elizabeth HNature2023 Jan775-78236442503
PAM binding ensures orientational integration during Cas4-Cas1-Cas2-mediated CRISPR adaptation.Dhingra, Yukti; Suresh, Shravanti K; Juneja, Puneet; Sashital, Dipali GMolecular cell2022 Nov 1736272411
Structural principles of B cell antigen receptor assembly.Dong, Ying; Pi, Xiong; Bartels-Burgahn, Frauke; Saltukoglu, Deniz; Liang, Zhuoyi; Yang, Jianying; Alt, Frederick W; Reth, Michael; Wu, HaoNature2022 Dec36228656
Activation mechanism of the mouse cold-sensing TRPM8 channel by cooling agonist and PIP2.Yin, Ying; Zhang, Feng; Feng, Shasha; Butay, Kevin John; Borgnia, Mario J; Im, Wonpil; Lee, Seok-YongScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 10 1436227998
Transient Prenyltransferase-Cyclase Association in Fusicoccadiene Synthase, an Assembly-Line Terpene Synthase.Faylo, Jacque L; van Eeuwen, Trevor; Gupta, Kushol; Murakami, Kenji; Christianson, David WBiochemistry2022 Nov 0136227241
Analysis of two cooperating antibodies unveils immune pressure imposed on HIV Env to elicit a V3-glycan supersite broadly neutralizing antibody lineage.Finkelstein, Maxwell T; Parker Miller, Emma; Erdman, Molly C; Fera, DanielaFrontiers in immunology202236225920
Cryo-EM structure-based selection of computed ligand poses enables design of MTA-synergic PRMT5 inhibitors of better potency.Zhou, Wei; Yadav, Gaya P; Yang, Xiaozhi; Qin, Feng; Li, Chenglong; Jiang, Qiu-XingCommunications biology2022 10 0336192627
Molecular asymmetry of a photosynthetic supercomplex from green sulfur bacteria.Puskar, Ryan; Du Truong, Chloe; Swain, Kyle; Chowdhury, Saborni; Chan, Ka-Yi; Li, Shan; Cheng, Kai-Wen; Wang, Ting Yu; Poh, Yu-Ping; Mazor, Yuval; Liu, Haijun; Chou, Tsui-Fen; Nannenga, Brent L; Chiu, Po-LinNature communications2022 Oct 0336192412
Metallic support films reduce optical heating in cryogenic correlative light and electron tomography.Dahlberg, Peter D; Perez, Davis; Hecksel, Corey W; Chiu, Wah; Moerner, W EJournal of structural biology2022 Oct 0136191745
Improved mammalian retromer cryo-EM structures reveal a new assembly interface.Kendall, Amy K; Chandra, Mintu; Xie, Boyang; Wan, William; Jackson, Lauren PThe Journal of biological chemistry2022 Sep 2636174678
Structural basis for APE1 processing DNA damage in the nucleosome.Weaver, Tyler M; Hoitsma, Nicole M; Spencer, Jonah J; Gakhar, Lokesh; Schnicker, Nicholas J; Freudenthal, Bret DNature communications2022 09 1436104361
Methotrexate recognition by the human reduced folate carrier SLC19A1.Wright, Nicholas J; Fedor, Justin G; Zhang, Han; Jeong, Pyeonghwa; Suo, Yang; Yoo, Jiho; Hong, Jiyong; Im, Wonpil; Lee, Seok-YongNature2022 0936071163
Topological crossing in the misfolded Tetrahymena ribozyme resolved by cryo-EM.Li, Shanshan; Palo, Michael Z; Pintilie, Grigore; Zhang, Xiaojing; Su, Zhaoming; Kappel, Kalli; Chiu, Wah; Zhang, Kaiming; Das, RhijuProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 Sep 1336067294
The promise of cryo-EM to explore RNA structural dynamics.Bonilla, Steve L; Kieft, Jeffrey SJournal of molecular biology2022 Sep 3016780236049551
Structural and mechanistic basis for recognition of alternative tRNA precursor substrates by bacterial ribonuclease P.Zhu, Jiaqiang; Huang, Wei; Zhao, Jing; Huynh, Loc; Taylor, Derek J; Harris, Michael ENature communications2022 08 3136045135
Cryo-EM reveals an entangled kinetic trap in the folding of a catalytic RNA.Bonilla, Steve L; Vicens, Quentin; Kieft, Jeffrey SScience advances2022 Aug 2636026457
Visualization of conformational changes and membrane remodeling leading to genome delivery by viral class-II fusion machinery.Mangala Prasad, Vidya; Blijleven, Jelle S; Smit, Jolanda M; Lee, Kelly KNature communications2022 08 1535970990
Autoantibody mimicry of hormone action at the thyrotropin receptor.Faust, Bryan; Billesbølle, Christian B; Suomivuori, Carl-Mikael; Singh, Isha; Zhang, Kaihua; Hoppe, Nicholas; Pinto, Antonio F M; Diedrich, Jolene K; Muftuoglu, Yagmur; Szkudlinski, Mariusz W; Saghatelian, Alan; Dror, Ron O; Cheng, Yifan; Manglik, AashishNature2022 0935940205
Structural and dynamic mechanisms of GABAA receptor modulators with opposing activities.Zhu, Shaotong; Sridhar, Akshay; Teng, Jinfeng; Howard, Rebecca J; Lindahl, Erik; Hibbs, Ryan ENature communications2022 08 0635933426
Interactions between mTORC2 core subunits Rictor and mSin1 dictate selective and context-dependent phosphorylation of substrate kinases SGK1 and Akt.Yu, Zanlin; Chen, Junliang; Takagi, Enzo; Wang, Feng; Saha, Bidisha; Liu, Xi; Joubert, Lydia-Marie; Gleason, Catherine E; Jin, Mingliang; Li, Chengmin; Nowotny, Carlos; Agard, David; Cheng, Yifan; Pearce, DavidThe Journal of biological chemistry2022 Sep35926713
Structures of the nitrogenase complex prepared under catalytic turnover conditions.Rutledge, Hannah L; Cook, Brian D; Nguyen, Hoang P M; Herzik Jr, Mark A; Tezcan, F AkifScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 08 1935901182
Conformational landscape of the yeast SAGA complex as revealed by cryo-EM.Vasyliuk, Diana; Felt, Joeseph; Zhong, Ellen D; Berger, Bonnie; Davis, Joseph H; Yip, Calvin KScientific reports2022 07 1935853968
Structurally derived universal mechanism for the catalytic cycle of the tail-anchored targeting factor Get3.Fry, Michelle Y; Najdrová, Vladimíra; Maggiolo, Ailiena O; Saladi, Shyam M; Doležal, Pavel; Clemons Jr, William MNature structural & molecular biology2022 0835851188
Three-dimensional structure-guided evolution of a ribosome with tethered subunits.Kim, Do Soon; Watkins, Andrew; Bidstrup, Erik; Lee, Joongoo; Topkar, Ved; Kofman, Camila; Schwarz, Kevin J; Liu, Yan; Pintilie, Grigore; Roney, Emily; Das, Rhiju; Jewett, Michael CNature chemical biology2022 Jul 1435836020
Architecture of the human erythrocyte ankyrin-1 complex.Vallese, Francesca; Kim, Kookjoo; Yen, Laura Y; Johnston, Jake D; Noble, Alex J; Calì, Tito; Clarke, Oliver BiggsNature structural & molecular biology2022 0735835865
Structural basis for inhibition and regulation of a chitin synthase from Candida albicans.Ren, Zhenning; Chhetri, Abhishek; Guan, Ziqiang; Suo, Yang; Yokoyama, Kenichi; Lee, Seok-YongNature structural & molecular biology2022 Jul35788183
Development of CryoVR, a virtual reality training system for hands-on cryoEM operations.Dong, Jiahui; Li, Daoyi; Ozcan, Kadir; Wan, Dayu; Jiang, Wen; Chen, YingjieActa crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology2022 Jul 0135775989
Structure of the human cation-chloride cotransport KCC1 in an outward-open state.Zhao, Yongxiang; Shen, Jiemin; Wang, Qinzhe; Ruiz Munevar, Manuel Jose; Vidossich, Pietro; De Vivo, Marco; Zhou, Ming; Cao, ErhuProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 Jul 0535759661
Superimmunity by pan-sarbecovirus nanobodies.Xiang, Yufei; Huang, Wei; Liu, Hejun; Sang, Zhe; Nambulli, Sham; Tubiana, Jérôme; Williams Jr, Kevin L; Duprex, W Paul; Schneidman-Duhovny, Dina; Wilson, Ian A; Taylor, Derek J; Shi, YiCell reports2022 Jun 2835738279
Structures of an active type III-A CRISPR effector complex.Smith, Eric M; Ferrell, Sé; Tokars, Valerie L; Mondragón, AlfonsoStructure (London, England : 1993)2022 Aug 0435714601
Structure of the rabies virus glycoprotein trimer bound to a prefusion-specific neutralizing antibody.Callaway, Heather M; Zyla, Dawid; Larrous, Florence; de Melo, Guilherme Dias; Hastie, Kathryn M; Avalos, Ruben Diaz; Agarwal, Alyssa; Corti, Davide; Bourhy, Hervé; Saphire, Erica OllmannScience advances2022 Jun 1735714192
Architecture of the linker-scaffold in the nuclear pore.Petrovic, Stefan; Samanta, Dipanjan; Perriches, Thibaud; Bley, Christopher J; Thierbach, Karsten; Brown, Bonnie; Nie, Si; Mobbs, George W; Stevens, Taylor A; Liu, Xiaoyu; Tomaleri, Giovani Pinton; Schaus, Lucas; Hoelz, AndréScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 06 1035679425
Structure of cytoplasmic ring of nuclear pore complex by integrative cryo-EM and AlphaFold.Fontana, Pietro; Dong, Ying; Pi, Xiong; Tong, Alexander B; Hecksel, Corey W; Wang, Longfei; Fu, Tian-Min; Bustamante, Carlos; Wu, HaoScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 06 1035679401
BCL10 Mutations Define Distinct Dependencies Guiding Precision Therapy for DLBCL.Xia, Min; David, Liron; Teater, Matt; Gutierrez, Johana; Wang, Xiang; Meydan, Cem; Lytle, Andrew; Slack, Graham W; Scott, David W; Morin, Ryan D; Onder, Ozlem; Elenitoba-Johnson, Kojo S J; Zamponi, Nahuel; Cerchietti, Leandro; Lu, Tianbao; Philippar, Ulrike; Fontan, Lorena; Wu, Hao; Melnick, Ari MCancer discovery2022 08 0535658124
Cryo-EM structure of DNA-bound Smc5/6 reveals DNA clamping enabled by multi-subunit conformational changes.Yu, You; Li, Shibai; Ser, Zheng; Kuang, Huihui; Than, Thane; Guan, Danying; Zhao, Xiaolan; Patel, Dinshaw JProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 06 0735648833
Vanilloid-dependent TRPV1 opening trajectory from cryoEM ensemble analysis.Kwon, Do Hoon; Zhang, Feng; Fedor, Justin G; Suo, Yang; Lee, Seok-YongNature communications2022 05 2435610228
Structural basis for inhibition of the Cation-chloride cotransporter NKCC1 by the diuretic drug bumetanide.Zhao, Yongxiang; Roy, Kasturi; Vidossich, Pietro; Cancedda, Laura; De Vivo, Marco; Forbush, Biff; Cao, ErhuNature communications2022 05 1835585053
Active conformation of the p97-p47 unfoldase complex.Xu, Yang; Han, Han; Cooney, Ian; Guo, Yuxuan; Moran, Noah G; Zuniga, Nathan R; Price, John C; Hill, Christopher P; Shen, Peter SNature communications2022 05 1235552390
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Opening of glutamate receptor channel to subconductance levels.Yelshanskaya, Maria V; Patel, Dhilon S; Kottke, Christopher M; Kurnikova, Maria G; Sobolevsky, Alexander INature2022 0535444281
Cryo-EM structure of the prothrombin-prothrombinase complex.Ruben, Eliza A; Summers, Brock; Rau, Michael J; Fitzpatrick, James A J; Di Cera, EnricoBlood2022 06 1635427420
Waffle Method: A general and flexible approach for improving throughput in FIB-milling.Kelley, Kotaro; Raczkowski, Ashleigh M; Klykov, Oleg; Jaroenlak, Pattana; Bobe, Daija; Kopylov, Mykhailo; Eng, Edward T; Bhabha, Gira; Potter, Clinton S; Carragher, Bridget; Noble, Alex JNature communications2022 04 0635387991
Structural basis for the mechanisms of human presequence protease conformational switch and substrate recognition.Liang, Wenguang G; Wijaya, Juwina; Wei, Hui; Noble, Alex J; Mancl, Jordan M; Mo, Swansea; Lee, David; Lin King, John V; Pan, Man; Liu, Chang; Koehler, Carla M; Zhao, Minglei; Potter, Clinton S; Carragher, Bridget; Li, Sheng; Tang, Wei-JenNature communications2022 04 0535383169
Cryo-EM structure of RNA-induced tau fibrils reveals a small C-terminal core that may nucleate fibril formation.Abskharon, Romany; Sawaya, Michael R; Boyer, David R; Cao, Qin; Nguyen, Binh A; Cascio, Duilio; Eisenberg, David SProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 04 1235377792
50S subunit recognition and modification by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis ribosomal RNA methyltransferase TlyA.Laughlin, Zane T; Nandi, Suparno; Dey, Debayan; Zelinskaya, Natalia; Witek, Marta A; Srinivas, Pooja; Nguyen, Ha An; Kuiper, Emily G; Comstock, Lindsay R; Dunham, Christine M; Conn, Graeme LProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 Apr 0535357969
Structural mechanism of muscle nicotinic receptor desensitization and block by curare.Rahman, Md Mahfuzur; Basta, Tamara; Teng, Jinfeng; Lee, Myeongseon; Worrell, Brady T; Stowell, Michael H B; Hibbs, Ryan ENature structural & molecular biology2022 0435301478
Recovery of particulate methane monooxygenase structure and activity in a lipid bilayer.Koo, Christopher W; Tucci, Frank J; He, Yuan; Rosenzweig, Amy CScience (New York, N.Y.)2022 03 1835298269
Neutralizing antibodies protect mice against Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus aerosol challenge.Kafai, Natasha M; Williamson, Lauren E; Binshtein, Elad; Sukupolvi-Petty, Soila; Gardner, Christina L; Liu, Jaclyn; Mackin, Samantha; Kim, Arthur S; Kose, Nurgun; Carnahan, Robert H; Jung, Ana; Droit, Lindsay; Reed, Douglas S; Handley, Scott A; Klimstra, William B; Crowe, James E; Diamond, Michael SThe Journal of experimental medicine2022 04 0435297953
The structural basis for regulation of the glutathione transporter Ycf1 by regulatory domain phosphorylation.Khandelwal, Nitesh Kumar; Millan, Cinthia R; Zangari, Samantha I; Avila, Samantha; Williams, Dewight; Thaker, Tarjani M; Tomasiak, Thomas MNature communications2022 Mar 1135277487
Ensemble cryo-EM reveals conformational states of the nsp13 helicase in the SARS-CoV-2 helicase replication-transcription complex.Chen, James; Wang, Qi; Malone, Brandon; Llewellyn, Eliza; Pechersky, Yakov; Maruthi, Kashyap; Eng, Ed T; Perry, Jason K; Campbell, Elizabeth A; Shaw, David E; Darst, Seth ANature structural & molecular biology2022 0335260847
Development of an atmospheric plasma jet device for versatile treatment of electron microscope sample grids.Ahn, Eungjin; Tang, Tianyu; Kim, Byungchul; Lee, Hae June; Cho, Uhn-SooThe Journal of biological chemistry2022 Apr35248533
Structural basis for context-specific inhibition of translation by oxazolidinone antibiotics.Tsai, Kaitlyn; Stojković, Vanja; Lee, D John; Young, Iris D; Szal, Teresa; Klepacki, Dorota; Vázquez-Laslop, Nora; Mankin, Alexander S; Fraser, James S; Fujimori, Danica GalonićNature structural & molecular biology2022 0235165456
Structural mechanism of allosteric activation of TRPML1 by PI(3,5)P2 and rapamycin.Gan, Ninghai; Han, Yan; Zeng, Weizhong; Wang, Yan; Xue, Jing; Jiang, YouxingProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2022 Feb 1535131932
Gating choreography and mechanism of the human proton-activated chloride channel ASOR.Science advances2022 Feb 0435108041
A Robust Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) Processing Workflow with cryoSPARC, RELION, and Scipion.DiIorio, Megan C; Kulczyk, Arkadiusz WJournal of visualized experiments : JoVE2022 01 3135104261
An Analysis of the Novel Fluorocycline TP-6076 Bound to Both the Ribosome and Multidrug Efflux Pump AdeJ from Acinetobacter baumannii.Morgan, Christopher E; Zhang, Zhemin; Bonomo, Robert A; Yu, Edward WmBio2022 Feb 0135100868
Label-free visual proteomics: Coupling MS- and EM-based approaches in structural biology.Klykov, Oleg; Kopylov, Mykhailo; Carragher, Bridget; Heck, Albert J R; Noble, Alex J; Scheltema, Richard AMolecular cell2022 01 2035063097
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NLRP3 cages revealed by full-length mouse NLRP3 structure control pathway activation.Andreeva, Liudmila; David, Liron; Rawson, Shaun; Shen, Chen; Pasricha, Teerithveen; Pelegrin, Pablo; Wu, HaoCell2021 12 2234861190
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Mapping the catalytic conformations of an assembly-line polyketide synthase module.Cogan, Dillon P; Zhang, Kaiming; Li, Xiuyuan; Li, Shanshan; Pintilie, Grigore D; Roh, Soung-Hun; Craik, Charles S; Chiu, Wah; Khosla, ChaitanScience (New York, N.Y.)2021 11 0534735239
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