Program Snapshot

The Common Fund’s Health Economics program supports research to understand how innovations in treatments, diagnosis, and preventive strategies can be most effectively deployed to improve health and well-being. Research supported by this program identifies factors determining adoption of effective health technologies, innovations, and discoveries, so that past and future investments by NIH may have greater public health impact.

Specifically, program activities support four overall goals:

  • Build research capacity in health economics such that future NIH-supported biomedical research is informed by economic analysis of factors that influence health and the adoption of NIH-supported innovations. 
  • Identify factors that influence optimal adoption of high-value health technologies.
  • Identify factors that influence optimal adoption of personalized medicine approaches.
  • Develop one or more products or tools (e.g., syntheses, guidelines, databases) that address the lack of adequate or available data needed to conduct economic analyses that inform the translation of NIH-supported research into practice.

This page last reviewed on March 9, 2018