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"A guide to research partnerships for pragmatic clinical trials."

The HCS Research Collaboratory's Systems Interactions Core just published a paper that highlights multiple lessons about building strong research partnerships between health researchers and healthcare systems.

Read the full article in The BMJ. Exit Disclaimer
Supplemental Material is available in the Collaboratory's Living Textbook. Exit Disclaimer


Groundbreaking Suicide Study

An HCS Research Collaboratory Demonstration Project will help researchers learn more about ways to treat people experiencing suicidal thoughts. Nearly 20,000 patients will be able to participate in a trial that draws from other successful interventions for depression and suicide. One of the treatments being tested was developed with the help of other patients. 

Read the Science Update from the National Institute of Mental Health about the "Pragmatic Trial of Population-Based Programs to Prevent Suicide Attempt" Demonstration Project.
Get Detailed Information on the Demonstration Project from the HCS Research Collaboratory website. Exit Disclaimer


Kids Say the Darndest Things: Now They're Talking About Colon Cancer

STOP Colon Cancer Demonstration Project

This HCS Collaboratory Demonstration Project learned valuable lessons from a pilot study about promoting cancer screening among minority and low-income populations.

Read the National Public Radio "Shots Blog" post about the project. Exit Disclaimer
Click on the image at right to watch a fun & educational video about the project.
Read the original research article in BMC Cancer. Exit Disclaimer


Electronic Health Records and Pragmatic Clinical Trials

In a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association the HCS Research Collaboratory describes the challenges and opportunities faced in using electronic health records when conducting pragmatic clinical trials.

Read a brief description of the article from the HCS Collaboratory here. Exit Disclaimer


Improving Medical Research Studies through Participant Feedback

HCS Research Collaboratory steering committee chairman Barry Coller, M.D., recently published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine on how medical research participants’ experiences could be used to improve the planning process for medical research studies.

Read a brief description of the article from the HCS Collaboratory here. Exit Disclaimer



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