Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NIH announced a total three rounds of the FIRST Cohort RFA for funding in FY2021, FY2022, and FY2023. The final announcement RFA-RM22-008 is now closed.


The FAQs below are designed to address questions from prospective applicant institutions about RFA-RM-22-008. The FAQs do not address potential questions from individuals who hope to ultimately be hired as part of a cohort at a future FIRST Cohort awardee institution. Click on the drop-down arrow to learn more about the RFA. Please check back as this page is updated with new information.

Potential RFA-RM-22-008 applicants are also encouraged to listen to a pre-application Technical Assistance webinar that was held January 25, 2021. The webinar was an opportunity to clarify expectations for both the FIRST Cohort and FIRST CEC RFAs (RFA-RM-20-022 and RFA-RM-21-0219).

Slides are now available here, and a recording is available here.


This page last reviewed on August 25, 2022