Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Potential applicants were encouraged join a pre-application Technical Assistance webinar January 25, 2021. The webinar was an opportunity to clarify expectations for both the FIRST Cohort and FIRST CEC RFAs (RFA-20-022 and RFA-20-023).

Slides are now available, click here.

Recording is now available, click here.

Please note that RFA RM-20-023 is no longer open, RFA RM-21-019 has replaced it. See NOT-RM-21-018 for details.

The FAQs are designed to address questions from prospective applicant institutions. The FAQs do not address potential questions from individuals who hope to ultimately be hired as part of a cohort at a future FIRST Cohort awardee institution. Click on the drop down arrow to learn more about each new RFA. Please check back as this page is updated with new information .





This page last reviewed on March 24, 2021