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Welcome to the NIH Common Fund

Bold science, catalyzing discoveries

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Our Mission

The NIH Common Fund is a funding entity within NIH that supports bold scientific programs that catalyze discovery across all biomedical and behavioral research. These programs create a space where investigators and multiple NIH Institutes and Centers collaborate on innovative research expected to address high priority challenges for the NIH as a whole and make a broader impact in the scientific community.

Science Highlights

The illustration of the separation of a biomarker.

New isolation method yields greater capture of small biological particles outside cells

The new isolation process is conducted on a microscopic device...

A decorative image.

New Database Supports Open Science in Study of Particles That Exist Outside Cells

The NanoFlow Repository is established to provide a place for researchers to share their extracellular particle data...

3D image of the RNA.

Researchers Expand Resource to Map Communication Between Cells

Providing new information about interactions between exRNA and certain proteins that carry exRNA in biofluids known as RNA binding proteins (RBPs)...

Blue DNA helix with one section highlighted in red on a dark background

Modeling the Keys to Cellular Memory

4D Nucleome researchers discover the requirements for persistent cellular memory with an epigenetic model

Data Ecosystem (diagram): in vitro, in silico, in chemico.

Prize Challenge Seeking Ideas for New Approach Methodologies to Transform Biomedical Research

The Common Fund has issued a prize competition for the Complement-Animal Research in Experimentation Challenge.

A child playing in the early development game about DNA.

Kids First Publishes First Commentary to Highlight Program Contributions to Childhood Cancer and Birth Defects Research

Shining light on how Kids First catalyzes change for kids and their families.

This page last reviewed on February 6, 2024