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Welcome to the NIH Common Fund

Bold science, catalyzing discoveries

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Our Mission

The NIH Common Fund is a funding entity within NIH that supports bold scientific programs that catalyze discovery across all biomedical and behavioral research. These programs create a space where investigators and multiple NIH Institutes and Centers collaborate on innovative research expected to address high priority challenges for the NIH as a whole and make a broader impact in the scientific community.

Science Highlights

Two Body images: How it started. How it's going (a cover of the Nature magazine).

Refining Our Body Image

Since humans first made the connection between the ailments they were feeling and issues with their bodies, they have been fascinated by...

Pills arranged in the shape of a heartbeat on a blue background with a red heart

Mapping Connections Between Drugs, Genes, and Birth Defects

Parental exposure to some environmental pollutants, foods, cosmetics, and drugs may affect fetal development and lead to birth defects.

A2CPS program logo.

A2CPS Team Publishes Candidate Markers of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects over 100 million people in the U.S. alone.

DNA Bases and Magnifying Glass.

Zooming in on Genome Structure

Dr. Anders Hansen has created a method called Region Capture Micro-C (RCMC) that maps physical interactions in the genome at 100 times higher resolution than existing approaches.


Cooking up new tools for looking at gene activity: SPICEMIX

Researchers have observed that a small number of cells in the human body lose their ability to divide, but remain active cells.

This page last reviewed on August 18, 2023