Trans-NIH Microbiome Working Group

The Trans-NIH Microbiome Working Group (TMWG) was established in 2012 by Dr. Lita Proctor (NHGRI) to provide a forum for coordinating NIH extramural research activities related to the human microbiome. TMWG membership is open to all extramural program staff from ICs with an interest in the human microbiome. The TMWG meets monthly. It also serves as a community resource and for this purpose, this website will be routinely updated with a list of primary points of contact for extramural staff at each IC. Please contact the program staff listed on this website for further information.

Key Points of Contact

This table lists extramural program staff who have agreed to serve as the primary point of contact for their Institute for microbiome research related inquiries. They will address general questions and, if needed, will direct your inquiries to the appropriate program director in their Institute

ICO Program Staff Email
NHGRI Lita Proctor (Founding Chair)
NCI Phil Daschner (Co-chair)
NIAID Ryan Ranallo (Co-chair)
NCATS P.J. Brooks
NCCIH Linda Duffy
NHLBI Lis Caler
NIA Francesca Macchiarini
NIAAA Joe Wang
NIAMS Ricardo R. Cibotti
NICHD Tonse Raju
NIDA Jag H. Khalsa
NIDCR Dwayne Lunsford
NIDDK Bob Karp
NIEHS Lisa Chadwick
NIGMS Darren Sledjeski
NIMH Nancy Desmond
NIMHD Michael Sayres
NINR Lois Tully
ODS Cindy Davis

This page last reviewed on February 14, 2019