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Program Initiatives

HCS Research Collaboratory Coordinating Center
Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory is intended to improve the way clinical trials are conducted by creating a new infrastructure for collaborative research. The ultimate goal is to ensure that healthcare providers and patients can make decisions based on the best available clinical evidence.  Information about the NIH HCS Research Collaboratory Coordinating Center can be found here.

PI Name:                           Califf, Robert, M
Institution:                         Duke University
Project Title:                     Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory – Coordinating Center

The team at Duke University has extensive experience conducting large clinical trials and observational studies across the spectrum of academic health and science systems, health care practices, integrated delivery systems, health plans, and health care systems.  They bring together leaders in the field of health care systems research from Duke University, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Group Health Research Institute, Center for Medical Technology Policy, and Johns Hopkins University.

Pragmatic Trial Demonstration Projects
The Research Collaboratory is designed in part to support the design and rapid execution of several Pragmatic Clinical Trial Demonstration Projects. These projects address questions of major public health importance that engage health care delivery systems in research partnerships. The data, tools, and resources produces by the Demonstration Projects will be made available to the greater researcher community to facilitate a broadened base of partnerships with health care system. More information about these demonstration projects can be found here.

PI Name:                            Huang, Susan                    
Institution:                         University of California, Irvine                   
Project Title:                     Decreasing Bioburden to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections and Readmissions   

This project proposes planning a pragmatic trial (the ABATE Infection Trial), cluster randomized by hospital, of an infection prevention program to prevent hospital acquired infections (HAI). The project will be implemented via a collaboration that includes University of California, Irvine, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Hospital Corporation of America.

PI Name:                            Coronado, Gloria D.                       
Institution:                         Kaiser Foundation Hospitals                       
Project Title:                     Strategies and Opportunities to Stop Colon Cancer in Priority Populations    
This project proposes a planning year that will develop the use of electronic health records to identify patients in need of colorectal cancer screening, and will conduct a pilot study, followed by a pragmatic trial using a mixed-methods approach to evaluate the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of the colorectal cancer screening program. The assembled team includes investigators from Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, Oregon Community Health Information Network, Inc. and Group Health Cooperative, and the trial will be conducted in federally qualified health center (FQHC) clinics.

PI Name:                            Simon, Gregory E.                           
Institution:                         Group Health Cooperative                          
Project Title:                     Pragmatic trial of population-based programs to prevent suicide attempt            

The project proposes planning a pragmatic trial to examine two suicide prevention programs. Participants will be randomly assigned to usual care or one of two prevention programs, a care management based program, or an on-line, coached educational program with components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The investigative team is gleaned from Group Health Research Institute, Group Health Cooperative, the University of Washington, Henry Ford Health System, and Columbia University.

PI Name:                            Jarvik, Jeffrey
Institution:                         University of Washington                            
Project Title:                     A Pragmatic Trial of Lumbar Image Reporting with Epidemiology (LIRE)      
The application proposes to plan a pragmatic, randomized controlled trial to determine the impact of inserting epidemiological benchmarks into lumbar spine imaging reports for low back pain. The investigative team from University of Washington will partner with Kaiser Permanents, Group Health Cooperative, Mayo Clinic and Henry Ford Health System to assess whether inserting epidemiological benchmarks in lumbar spine imaging reports will reduce subsequent diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, including MR and CT, opioid prescriptions, spinal injections and surgery in patients that undergo lumbar spine imaging for low
back pain.

PI Name:                            Rosenthal, Gary               
Institution:                         University of Iowa                          
Project Title:                     Nighttime Dosing of Anti-Hypertensive Medications: A Pragmatic Clinical Trial        
The proposed trial that will be planned within the UH2 phase will determine the effectiveness of nighttime dosing of antihypertensive medications in patients at risk of adverse cardiovascular events. The study team is assembled with clinical investigators from University of Iowa and Duke University, and will work across the two health care systems.

PI Name:                            DeBar, Lynn Larson
Institution:                         Kaiser Foundation Hospitals                       
Project Title:                     Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care        
The project proposes planning a mixed-methods, cluster-randomized pragmatic clinical trial that will evaluate the integration of psychosocial services into the primary care environment in 3 Kaiser Permanente regions: Georgia, Hawaii, and the Northwest to address the impact on improving outcomes in patients with chronic pain.

PI Name:                            Dember, Laura M.                          
Institution:                         University of Pennsylvania                         
Project Title:                     Pragmatic Trials in Maintenance Hemodialysis      
The project proposes planning of a cluster-randomized, pragmatic trial that will evaluate the effects on survival, hospitalizations, and health-related quality of life of a systematic implementation of a hemodialysis session duration of at least four hours for individuals with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) who are initiating treatment with maintenance hemodialysis. This ―Time to Reduce Mortality in End-Stage Renal Disease‖ (TiME) trial will be led by an investigative team from the University of Pennsylvania, who will partner with Fresenius Medical Care, North America and DaVita.


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