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Office of Strategic Coordination Contacts

To learn more about each OSC member’s Functional Area, Programs, Contacts, and Biography, please click on their contact cards listed alphabetically below. For more information email

Michael Morse, B.S. headshot.

Michael Morse, B.S.

Grants Management Advisor; Operations Team Leader
Ph: 301-435-5446
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Ellie Murcia, M.Ed. headshot.

Ellie Murcia, M.Ed.

Operations Team Program Specialist; NIH Guide Liaison
Ph: 301-435-8147
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Mark Murdock, M.B.A. headshot.

Mark Murdock, , M.B.A.

Program Analyst
Ph: 301-594-7244
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Sonynka Ngosso, M.S., M.B.A. headshot.

Sonynka Ngosso, M.S., M.B.A.

Scientific Program Manager
Ph: 301-480-1252
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Concepcion (Marie) Nierras, Ph.D. headshot.

Concepcion (Marie) Nierras, Ph.D.

Program Leader
Ph: 301-435-5840
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Elfreda Nymn's headshot.

Elfreda Nymn, B.S.

Other Transaction Agreements Specialist
Ph: 301-451-7092
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Margaret Ochocinska, Ph.D. headshot.

Margaret Ochocinska, Ph.D.

Program Leader
Ph: 301-402-7617
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George J. Papanicolaou, Ph.D. headshot.

George J. Papanicolaou, Ph.D.

Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE) Program Leader
Ph: 301-480-6722
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Lola D. Peterson headshot.

Lola D. Peterson, B.A.

Business Process Specialist
Ph: 301-451-3893
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Erna Petrich headshot.

Erna Petrich

Other Transactions Agreements Officer
Ph: 301-402-7617
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Dena Procaccini, M.A. headshot.

Dena Procaccini, M.A.

Scientific Program Manager
Ph: 301-402-3696
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