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Office of Strategic Coordination Contacts

To learn more about each OSC member’s Functional Area, Programs, Contacts, and Biography, please click on their contact cards listed alphabetically below. For more information email

Sahana N. Kukke, Ph.D. headshot.

Sahana N. Kukke, Ph.D.

Program Leader
Ph: 301-402-7617
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Patricia Labosky, Ph.D. headshot.

Patricia Labosky, Ph.D.

Program Leader
Ph: 301-594-4863
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Nikeya Macioce headshot.

Nikeya Macioce

Scientific Program Analyst
Ph: 301-402-5107
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Robyn Martin, Ph.D headshot.

Robyn Martin, Ph.D

Management Analyst
Ph: 301-827-1817
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Cheryl Mavritte headshot.

Cheryl Mavritte, B.S.

Executive Assistant (Contractor)
Ph: 301-402-5003
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Michelle McKinney headshot.

Michelle McKinney

Executive Assistant to the Director
Ph: 301-827-6007
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Becky Miller, Ph.D. headshot.

Becky Miller, Ph.D.

Program Leader
Ph: 301-594-9979
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DJ Milliken headshot.

DJ Milliken

Other Transaction Agreements Specialist; Team Lead
Ph: 301-480-7719
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Katelynn Milora, Ph.D. headshot.

Katelynn Milora, Ph.D.

Health Specialist
Ph: 301-827-9307
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Toy Lisa Mitchell, Ph.D. headshot.

Toy Lisa Mitchell, Ph.D.

Health Scientist
Ph: 301-402-7617
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Michael Morse, B.S. headshot.

Michael Morse, B.S.

Grants Management Advisor; Operations Team Leader
Ph: 301-435-5446
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