NIH Common Fund 10-Year Commemoration Mark

NIH Common Fund 10-Year Commemoration

Over the past decade, the NIH Roadmap and NIH Common Fund have supported more than 30 programs designed to change the way science is conducted – through the establishment of new scientific fields or paradigms, development of novel approaches to how scientists conduct their work, or the generation of resources that catalyze research and enable discovery.

2014 marked 10 combined years of achievement by Roadmap/Common Fund programs. To commemorate this event, the NIH is undertook a series of activities including a Research Symposium, a Commemorative Book, and Song & Video Contests. Explore the links on this page to learn more about specific Commemoration activities.

Common Fund 10th Anniversary Research Symposium

A Decade of Discovery

Common Fund 10th Anniversary Research Symposium Program CoverOn June 19, 2014, the NIH Office of the Director hosted a symposium to commemorate a combined 10 years of achievement by the NIH Roadmap/NIH Common Fund. NIH Leadership, both past and present, discussed the history of the Common Fund and shared a glimpse of what the future may hold. Grantees from several Common Fund programs presented how Common Fund support played a critical role in some of their exciting discoveries. The symposium also featured winning entries from a grantee video contest, as well as a special song performance by NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins!

Click on the image above to view the symposium agenda, speaker bios, and more! 

To watch the archived symposium, please visit

Common Fund Commemorative Book

Common Fund Commemoration In the News...

Drs. Collins, Wilder, and Zerhouni describe "The NIH Roadmap/Common Fund at 10 Years" in Science.  Read the Science article here

"NIH's Common Fund at 10" article in Chemical & Engineering News describes Common Fund history, challenges and achievements and includes an interactive timeline. Read the article here

"At NIH, Biomedical Research Is Enough to Make You Break Into Song​" 
NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins singing and playing his guitarIn a recent article in the Government Executive, NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, wishes the Common Fund a Happy 10th Anniversary! Read the article for a brief description of Common Fund history, achievements, and a shout-out to our creative grantees and NIH staff who participated in the Common Fund Commemoration Song and Video Competitions.

NIH Common Fund Video and Song Competitions

Earlier this year, the Common Fund hosted a Song and a Video Competition to share the activities and achievements of the NIH Roadmap and NIH Common Fund. Our grantees are remarkably creative! Please explore the links below to learn more about the research of our grantees, presented in entertaining fashion.

To learn more about both of the competitions in general, please click here
To watch all the VIDEO ENTRIES, and to see who won, please click here
To see the all the SONG ENTRIES, and to see Song Contest winners, please click here

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