Past Events


NIH hosted a series of online-only, interactive panel discussions from August to October 2020 featuring information on the funding opportunity announcements, cross-cutting topics of importance to the initiative, relevant scientific issues, and the state of data science in Africa.

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DS-I Africa Program Launch

The DS-I Africa Program Launch session offered screenings of a collection of video screenings on August 10, including introductory remarks from Dr. Francis Collins and presentations from DS-I Africa program officers to review the purpose and objectives of the Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs). The video screenings were followed by a Q&A session featuring program officers for each FOA and interactive breakout clinics spanning a variety of topics: application process, grants management advice, and tips from NIH grant recipients. 

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Cross-Cutting Topics

The Cross-cutting Topics session offered screenings of video presentations from inspiring leaders from a variety of fields and sectors on August 11-12 and August 17-19, 2020. The video screenings were followed by live panel discussions with experts on topics of importance to the DS-I Africa initiative. 

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State of Data Science Series (SODS)

The DS-I Africa State of Data Science Series (SODS) is a collection of online, interactive panel discussions that took place on a weekly basis in September and October 2020. These sessions featured presentations by experts in their field, a moderated discussion, and opportunities for Q&A. Visit the SODS page to watch video recordings of each session.

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