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Program Snapshot

By Illuminating the Druggable Genome a focus will be turned on the “dark matter” of the Druggable Genome through deep annotation to establish function and potential role in disease. By expanding the scope of the potential druggable genome through deep understanding of underlying biology, the therapeutics discovery pipeline can be energized and new scientific pathways for understanding function and role in disease revealed. IDG seeks to begin by expanding the knowledge base of the Druggable Genome to allow for in silico discovery and prioritization of paths to follow with detailed annotation studies. Parallel efforts to adapt and scale assays for rapid and high throughput annotation will constitute a second arm of IDG. Together the two arms will synergize and collaborate through formation of a consortium to bring investigators from different disciplines together and address these difficult but important problems.



NEW! NIH launches new program to find potential drug targets​. Read the Media Advisory here



Illuminating the Druggable Genome


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