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The “Innovate to Accelerate” discussion forum is now closed.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) undertakes a series of strategic planning activities designed to identify the most compelling areas of science for support via the NIH Common Fund. These activities aim to identify emerging opportunities or pressing challenges for biomedical and behavioral research for which a 5- to 10-year investment can have a transformative impact.

The “Innovate to Accelerate” discussion forum played a part of the strategic planning process that was aimed at generating ideas for new programs for the Common Fund in fiscal year 2018 and beyond. Participants of the forum were nominated by NIH Institute and Center staff because of their ability to think broadly about scientific opportunities and challenges in biomedical research today. The platform allowed participants to share original ideas and provide expert input on existing ideas that have the potential to be new Common Fund programs.

Visit the Strategic Planning Overview page for more information on the strategic planning process.

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