Metabolomics Technology Development

The goal of the Technology Development component of the NIH Common Fund Metabolomics Program is to reduce the technology barriers to metabolomics use.


Metabolomics Technology Development

Our ability to apply metabolomics analyses to better understand health and disease is limited by a variety of factors including technological capabilities. The inability to identify and quantify many molecular species, the high costs of comprehensive measurement and analysis, and the limited availability of many biological samples all stand as impediments to the routine use of metabolomics data.

The NIH Common Fund seeks innovative solutions to improve:

How samples are obtained, prepared and handled-
So that smaller amounts of material can be obtained from a variety of sources and still yield high quality, reproducible data.

Detector technologies-
So that the accuracy and precision of metabolomics measurements are increased, while preserving or even increasing the amount of sample that can be analyzed at a given time.

Data handling and analysis-
So that certain biological molecules can be more easily identified and metabolomics data can be more easily integrated with data from other research techniques.

Metabolomics supported technology development grants can be found here.


This page last reviewed on July 11, 2014