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Program Highlights

Schematic of Genotype-Tissue Expression Programs tissue collection and analysis processGTEx Project Expands Functional Studies of Genetic Variation

Eight Genotype-Tissue Expression grants will contribute to a resource database and tissue bank researchers can use them to study how inherited genomic variants — inherited spelling changes in the DNA code — may influence gene activity and lead to disease. Read the Press Release from the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute.





GTEx Biospecimens Access Policy Goes Live

In October of 2013, a mechanism was put in place to allow researchers access to banked GTEx biospecimens. The goal of this policy is to facilitate the efficient use of this valuable resource. Requests to access the biospecimens can be made either through a "Short" or "Full" Sample Availability/Access Request, depending on the size and scope of the project and whether grant funding for the work is already in place, among other factors. More information on the GTEx Biospecimens Access Policy and related forms can be found on the GTEx Portal Sample Request Forms Exit Disclaimer page. The Access Policy can also be viewed directly here.



GTEx pilot project described as one of the most ambitious tissue-collection studies - Nature’s Technology Feature “Building Better Biobanks

The June 2012 issue of Nature, highlights efforts being made to store high-quality, data-rich biological samples that are essential for research. In the article, GTEx Coordinator Dr. Jeff Struewing, M.D., M.S. (NHGRI) and other members of the GTEx Working Group discuss the various steps throughout the collection process where attention to detail results in high-quality specimens.

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Reference: Nature 2012 June; Volume 486 “



The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project Commentary is featured in Nature Genetics

The June 2013 issue of Nature Genetics highlights the GTEx project published by the GTEx Consortium.


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