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Program Snapshot

The NIH Common Fund’s Metabolomics program aims to increase national capacity in metabolomics by supporting the development of next generation technologies to enhance the sensitivity and speed with which specific elements of the cellular metabolome can be identified and quantified, providing training and mentoring opportunities, increasing the inventory of chemically identifiable metabolites through the synthesis and availability of high quality reference standards, and by promoting data sharing and collaboration.

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Program Highlights

Metablomics Highlight

Using metabolomics to understand the interplay of antibiotics and a pathogenic bacterium that can live in the gut:
Metabolomics Program Mentored Research Scientist Dr. Casey Theriot, utilizing the Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Center (MRC2 Exit Disclaimer), published in Nature Communications that metabolites produced by gut microbes change in response to antibiotic treatment and favor growth of the pathogenic bacterium C. difficile.
View the article abstract here.  Click here for Metabolomics Funded Research.

Researchers look at the relationship between metabolic health and the metabolites found in blood:
New work from the NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis describes how the metabolites found in the blood of women who are obese, sedentary and insulin-resistant change after the women participate in a weight loss and exercise intervention.  Some of the metabolites that changed were derived from the gut, and may have originated either from diet or from gut-dwelling microbes.  By revealing an association between improved metabolic health and an altered metabolite profile, this study and others like it could help us understand, diagnose and treat complex metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Click here Exit Disclaimer to access the research article.

Researchers investigate lung disorders using metabolomics:
A publication from the University of Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Research Core (RCMRC) offers insight into the lungs of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. View the article abstract here.


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The NIH Common Fund is taking a comprehensive approach to increasing the research capacity in metabolomics by funding a variety of initiatives in this area, including training, technology development, standards synthesis, and data sharing capability for this new field.
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Learn more about the Metabolomics Community

Join the NIH Metabolomics Scientific Interest Group here.

For Metabolomics data and resources, visit the UCSD Metabolomics Workbench. Exit Disclaimer


NEW! Registration now open for the 2nd Annual Metabolomics Workshop at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Learn more about the fundamentals of metabolomics experimentation and data analysis June 2-5, 2014. Applications to attend the workshop are due by April 11, 2014. Click here for workshop details. Exit Disclaimer

University of Florida Metabolomics Workshop & Symposium May 20-23, 2014. Graduate students, postdocs and faculty new to metabolomics are invited to learn metabolomics basics, including introductions to analytical instrumentation, study design and statistical analysis. Click here for workshop details. Exit Disclaimer

Nominations now being accepted for metabolite standards to be synthesized by the NIH’s Common Fund Metabolomics program. Read More . . . Exit Disclaimer


For Metabolomics Data and Resources visit the Metabolomics Workbench  Exit Disclaimer

The NIH Common Fund’s Increasing Metabolomic Research Capacity program components and goals:

Increasing Metabolomic Research Capacity program components and goals


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