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Program Snapshot

The Common Fund's Epigenomics Program includes a series of complementary initiatives that have generated new research tools, technologies, datasets, and infrastructure to accelerate our understanding of how genome-wide chemical modifications to DNA regulate gene activity without altering the DNA sequence itself and what role these modifications play in health and disease.


A Scientific Illustration of How Epigenetic Mechanisms Can Affect Health


Program Highlights

Epigenetic Imaging Shows Gene Activation in Living Brains for the First Time

NEW! International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) Celebrates Major Coordinated Paper Release



 Epigenetic Imaging Shows Gene Activation in Living Brains for the First Time

Epigenetic Imaging Shows Gene Activation in Living Brains for the First Time



Precise Epigenetic Control of gene expression using CRISPR

Precise Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression Using CRISPR



Common Fund-supported researchers map epigenome of more than 100 tissue and cell types

Uncovering Important Epigenetic Changes in Neuronal Cell Development





Watch Epigenomics grantee John Stamatoyannopoulos’ lecture “A Roadmap to the Living Genome,” in which he presents research describing new epigenomic maps for a wide variety of normal human cell/tissue types; insights into the genomic patterning of epigenomic features; and encoding of cellular state, maturity, and fate information within epigenomic landscapes.

Watch “A Roadmap to the Living Genome” video here.

Download slides from the Epigenomics presentation to the NIH Council of Councils

Download slides here.

NIH Roadmap Epigenomics

Information about the data, protocols, reagents, and analytical tools generated by the Epigenomics Program, including over 100 comprehensive reference epigenomic datasets from hundreds of human cell types and tissues, can be found on the Roadmap Epigenomics Website.

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Epigenomes Around the World

Epigenomes around the world: International Human Epigenome ConsortiumThe Epigenomics Program is part of the International Human Epigenome Consortium that aims to coordinate worldwide epigenome mapping and characterization efforts.

Read more about the IHEC...

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