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Selected Scientific Reviews (Bold=NDC PI)


Nanomedicine Development Center for Optical Control of Biological Function

Chambers JJ and Kramer, RH (2011) Editors: Photosensitive Molecules for Controlling Biological Function. Humana Press

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Nanomedicine Center for Nucleoprotein Machines

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Center for Protein Folding

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Weissmiller AM, Wu C. (2012) Current advances in using neurotrophic factors to treat neurodegenerative disorders. Transl Neurodegener 1(1):14.


Nanomedicine Center for Mechanobiology Directing the Immune Response

Milone MC, and Kam LC (2013) Investigative and Clinical Applications of Synthetic Immune Synapses, WIREs: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology. 5(1):75-85.

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Cellular Control: Synthetic Signaling/Motility (the “Cell Propulsion” laboratory)

Lim WA. (2010) Designing customized cell signalling circuits. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. Jun;11(6):393-403.

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Phi29 DNA-Packaging Motor for Nanomedicine

Guo P, Hague F, Hallahan B, Reif R, Li H (2012) Uniqueness, advantages, challenges, solutions, and perspectives in therapeurics applying RNA nanotechnology. Nucleic Acid Ther. 22:226-245.

Shu Y, Cinier M, Shu D, Guo P (2011) Assembly of multifunctional phi29 pRNA nanoparticles for specific delivery of siRNA and other therapeutics to targeted cells. Methods 54:204-214.

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National Center for Design of Biomimetic Nanoconductors

Bricarello DA, Patel MA, Parikh AN (2012) Inhibiting host-pathogen interactions using membrane-based nanostructures. Trends Biotechnol. 30:323-330.

Baca HK, Carnes EC, Ashley CE, Lopez DM, Douthit C, Karlin S, Brinker J (2011) Cell-directed-assembly: Directing the formation of nano/bio interfaces and architectures with living cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1810:259-267.


Center for Cell Control

Valamehr B, Tsutsui H, Ho CM, Wu H (2011) Developing defined culture systems for human pluripotent stem cells. Regen Med. 6:623-634.

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Wei F, Lillehoj PB, Ho CM (2010) DNA diagnostics: nanotechnology-enhanced electrochemical detection of nucleic acids. Pediatr Res. 67:458-468.



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