Building Blocks, Biological Pathways, and Networks (948)
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Structural characterization by cross-linking reveals the detailed architecture of a coatomer-related heptameric module from the nuclear pore complex.Shi, Yi; Fernandez-Martinez, Javier; Tjioe, Elina; Pellarin, Riccardo; Kim, Seung Joong; Williams, Rosemary; Schneidman, Dina; Sali, Andrej; Rout, Michael P; Chait, Brian TMolecular & cellular proteomics : MCP2014 Aug 26NULL25161197
Integrative structure-function mapping of the nucleoporin Nup133 suggests a conserved mechanism for membrane anchoring of the nuclear pore complex.Kim, Seung Joong; Fernandez-Martinez, Javier; Sampathkumar, Parthasarathy; Martel, Anne; Matsui, Tsutomu; Tsuruta, Hiro; Weiss, Thomas; Markina-Inarrairaegui, Ane; Bonanno, Jeffery B; Sauder, J Michael; Burley, Stephen K; Almo, Steven C; Rout, Michael; SaMolecular & cellular proteomics : MCP2014 Aug 19NULL25139911
Molecular architecture and function of the SEA complex, a modulator of the TORC1 pathway.Algret, Romain; Fernandez-Martinez, Javier; Shi, Yi; Kim, Seung Joong; Pellarin, Riccardo; Cimermancic, Peter; Cochet, Emilie; Sali, Andrej; Chait, Brian T; Rout, Michael P; Dokudovskaya, SvetlanaMolecular & cellular proteomics : MCP2014 Jul 29NULL25073740
Metabolomics of ApcMin/+ mice genetically susceptible to intestinal cancer.Dazard, Jean-Eudes J; Sandlers, Yana; Doerner, Stephanie K; Berger, Nathan A; Brunengraber, HenriBMC systems biology20147224954394
Imaging mass spectrometry of diversified cardiolipin molecular species in the brain.Amoscato, A A; Sparvero, L J; He, R R; Watkins, S; Bayir, H; Kagan, V EAnalytical chemistry2014 Jul 16587-9524949523
Enzyme inhibitor discovery by activity-based protein profiling.Niphakis, Micah J; Cravatt, Benjamin FAnnual review of biochemistry2014341-7724905785
A draft map of the human proteome.Kim, Min-Sik; Pinto, Sneha M; Getnet, Derese; Nirujogi, Raja Sekhar; Manda, Srikanth S; Chaerkady, Raghothama; Madugundu, Anil K; Kelkar, Dhanashree S; Isserlin, Ruth; Jain, Shobhit; Thomas, Joji K; Muthusamy, Babylakshmi; Leal-Rojas, Pamela; Kumar, PraveNature2014 May 29575-8124870542
Self-Checking Cell-Based Assays for GPCR Desensitization and Resensitization.Fisher, Gregory W; Fuhrman, Margaret H; Adler, Sally A; Szent-Gyorgyi, Christopher; Waggoner, Alan S; Jarvik, Jonathan WJournal of biomolecular screening2014 May 12NULL24820110
A Selective Phenelzine Analogue Inhibitor of Histone Demethylase LSD1.Prusevich, Polina; Kalin, Jay H; Ming, Shonoi A; Basso, Manuela; Givens, Jeffrey; Li, Xin; Hu, Jianfei; Taylor, Martin S; Cieniewicz, Anne M; Hsiao, Po-Yuan; Huang, Rong; Roberson, Heather; Adejola, Nkosi; Avery, Lindsay B; Casero Jr, Robert A; Taverna, SACS chemical biology2014 Apr 7NULL24707965
Lysine glutarylation is a protein posttranslational modification regulated by SIRT5.Tan, Minjia; Peng, Chao; Anderson, Kristin A; Chhoy, Peter; Xie, Zhongyu; Dai, Lunzhi; Park, Jeongsoon; Chen, Yue; Huang, He; Zhang, Yi; Ro, Jennifer; Wagner, Gregory R; Green, Michelle F; Madsen, Andreas S; Schmiesing, Jessica; Peterson, Brett S; Xu, GuoCell metabolism2014 Apr 1605-1724703693
Increased Glucose Metabolism and Glycerolipid Formation by Fatty Acids and GPR40 Receptor Signaling Underlies the Fatty Acid Potentiation of Insulin Secretion.El-Azzouny, Mahmoud; Evans, Charles R; Treutelaar, Mary K; Kennedy, Robert T; Burant, Charles FThe Journal of biological chemistry2014 May 913575-8824675078
Functional annotation of proteome encoded by human chromosome 22.Pinto, Sneha M; Manda, Srikanth S; Kim, Min-Sik; Taylor, KyOnese; Selvan, Lakshmi Dhevi Nagarajha; Balakrishnan, Lavanya; Subbannayya, Tejaswini; Yan, Fangfei; Prasad, T S Keshava; Gowda, Harsha; Lee, Charles; Hancock, William S; Pandey, AkhileshJournal of proteome research2014 Jun 62749-6024669763
The multifunctional nuclear pore complex: a platform for controlling gene expression.Ptak, Christopher; Aitchison, John D; Wozniak, Richard WCurrent opinion in cell biology2014 Mar 2046-5324657998
Human cytomegalovirus pUL37x1-induced calcium flux activates PKC*, inducing altered cell shape and accumulation of cytoplasmic vesicles.Sharon-Friling, Ronit; Shenk, ThomasProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2014 Mar 25E1140-824616524
An evolutionarily conserved RNase-based mechanism for repression of transcriptional positive autoregulation.Wurtmann, Elisabeth J; Ratushny, Alexander V; Pan, Min; Beer, Karlyn D; Aitchison, John D; Baliga, Nitin SMolecular microbiology2014 Apr369-8224612392
Nuclear pore complex evolution: a trypanosome Mlp analogue functions in chromosomal segregation but lacks transcriptional barrier activity.Holden, Jennifer M; Koreny, Ludek; Obado, Samson; Ratushny, Alexander V; Chen, Wei-Ming; Chiang, Jung-Hsien; Kelly, Steven; Chait, Brian T; Aitchison, John D; Rout, Michael P; Field, Mark CMolecular biology of the cell2014 May1421-3624600046
Twist1-induced dissemination preserves epithelial identity and requires E-cadherin.Shamir, Eliah R; Pappalardo, Elisa; Jorgens, Danielle M; Coutinho, Kester; Tsai, Wen-Ting; Aziz, Khaled; Auer, Manfred; Tran, Phuoc T; Bader, Joel S; Ewald, Andrew JThe Journal of cell biology2014 Mar 3839-5624590176
TSLP signaling pathway map: a platform for analysis of TSLP-mediated signaling.Zhong, Jun; Sharma, Jyoti; Raju, Rajesh; Palapetta, Shyam Mohan; Prasad, T S Keshava; Huang, Tai-Chung; Yoda, Akinori; Tyner, Jeffrey W; van Bodegom, Diederik; Weinstock, David M; Ziegler, Steven F; Pandey, AkhileshDatabase : the journal of biological databases and curation2014bau00724573880
Fluorogen-activating scFv biosensors target surface markers on live cells via streptavidin or single-chain avidin.Gallo, Eugenio; Jarvik, JonathanMolecular biotechnology2014 Jul585-9024562573
Glutathionylated 4-hydroxy-2-(E)-alkenal enantiomers in rat organs and their contributions toward the disposal of 4-hydroxy-2-(E)-nonenal in rat liver.Sadhukhan, Sushabhan; Han, Yong; Jin, Zhicheng; Tochtrop, Gregory P; Zhang, Guo-FangFree radical biology & medicine2014 Feb 1878-8524556413
Real-Time Detection of Protein Trafficking with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry (HTFC) and Fluorogen-Activating Protein (FAP) Base Biosensor.Wu, Yang; Tapia, Phillip H; Jarvik, Jonathan; Waggoner, Alan S; Sklar, Larry ACurrent protocols in cytometry / editorial board, J. Paul Robinson, managing editor ... [et al.]20149.43.1-9.43.1124510772
Real-Time Detection of Protein Trafficking with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry (HTFC) and Fluorogen-Activating Protein (FAP) Base Biosensor.Wu, Yang; Tapia, Phillip H; Jarvik, Jonathan; Waggoner, Alan S; Sklar, Larry ACurrent protocols in cytometry / editorial board, J. Paul Robinson, managing editor ... [et al.]20149.43.1-9.43.1124510772
Circadian clocks and feeding time regulate the oscillations and levels of hepatic triglycerides.Adamovich, Yaarit; Rousso-Noori, Liat; Zwighaft, Ziv; Neufeld-Cohen, Adi; Golik, Marina; Kraut-Cohen, Judith; Wang, Miao; Han, Xianlin; Asher, GadCell metabolism2014 Feb 4319-3024506873
Improved spatial resolution of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization imaging of lipids in the brain by alkylated derivatives of 2,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid.Stoyanovsky, D A; Sparvero, L J; Amoscato, A A; He, R R; Watkins, S; Pitt, B R; Bayir, H; Kagan, V ERapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM2014 Mar 15403-1224497278
Alterations in Mouse Brain Lipidome after Disruption of CST Gene: A Lipidomics Study.Wang, Chunyan; Wang, Miao; Zhou, Yunhua; Dupree, Jeffrey L; Han, XianlinMolecular neurobiology2014 Jan 7NULL24395133
Novel approach in LC-MS/MS using MRM to generate a full profile of acyl-CoAs: discovery of acyl-dephospho-CoAs.Li, Qingling; Zhang, Shenghui; Berthiaume, Jessica M; Simons, Brigitte; Zhang, Guo-FangJournal of lipid research2014 Mar592-60224367045
Plasma Proteome Database as a resource for proteomics research: 2014 update.Nanjappa, Vishalakshi; Thomas, Joji Kurian; Marimuthu, Arivusudar; Muthusamy, Babylakshmi; Radhakrishnan, Aneesha; Sharma, Rakesh; Ahmad Khan, Aafaque; Balakrishnan, Lavanya; Sahasrabuddhe, Nandini A; Kumar, Satwant; Jhaveri, Binit Nitinbhai; Sheth, KaushNucleic acids research2014 JanD959-6524304897
Argininosuccinate synthetase 1 depletion produces a metabolic state conducive to herpes simplex virus 1 infection.Grady, Sarah L; Purdy, John G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Shenk, ThomasProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2013 Dec 17E5006-1524297925
Novel method for site-specific induction of oxidative DNA damage reveals differences in recruitment of repair proteins to heterochromatin and euchromatin.Lan, Li; Nakajima, Satoshi; Wei, Leizhen; Sun, Luxi; Hsieh, Ching-Lung; Sobol, Robert W; Bruchez, Marcel; Van Houten, Bennett; Yasui, Akira; Levine, Arthur SNucleic acids research2014 Feb2330-4524293652
Conformations of p53 response elements in solution deduced using site-directed spin labeling and Monte Carlo sampling.Zhang, Xiaojun; Dantas Machado, Ana Carolina; Ding, Yuan; Chen, Yongheng; Lu, Yan; Duan, Yankun; Tham, Kenneth W; Chen, Lin; Rohs, Remo; Qin, Peter ZNucleic acids research2014 Feb2789-9724293651
Pan-viral specificity of IFN-induced genes reveals new roles for cGAS in innate immunity.Schoggins, John W; MacDuff, Donna A; Imanaka, Naoko; Gainey, Maria D; Shrestha, Bimmi; Eitson, Jennifer L; Mar, Katrina B; Richardson, R Blake; Ratushny, Alexander V; Litvak, Vladimir; Dabelic, Rea; Manicassamy, Balaji; Aitchison, John D; Aderem, Alan; ElNature2014 Jan 30691-524284630
Enriching the pore: Splendid complexity from humble origins.Field, Mark C; Koreny, Ludek; Rout, Michael PTraffic (Copenhagen, Denmark)2013 Nov 26NULL24279500
Pathway Commons at virtual cell: use of pathway data for mathematical modeling.Blinov, Michael L; Schaff, James C; Ruebenacker, Oliver; Wei, Xintao; Vasilescu, Dan; Gao, Fei; Morgan, Frank; Ye, Li; Lakshminarayana, Anuradha; Moraru, Ion I; Loew, Leslie MBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2014 Jan 15292-424273241
The human cap-binding complex is functionally connected to the nuclear RNA exosome.Andersen, Peter Refsing; Domanski, Michal; Kristiansen, Maiken S; Storvall, Helena; Ntini, Evgenia; Verheggen, Celine; Schein, Aleks; Bunkenborg, Jakob; Poser, Ina; Hallais, Marie; Sandberg, Rickard; Hyman, Anthony; Lacava, John; Rout, Michael P; AndersenNature structural & molecular biology2013 Dec1367-7624270879
Affinity proteomics reveals human host factors implicated in discrete stages of LINE-1 retrotransposition.Taylor, Martin S; Lacava, John; Mita, Paolo; Molloy, Kelly R; Huang, Cheng Ran Lisa; Li, Donghui; Adney, Emily M; Jiang, Hua; Burns, Kathleen H; Chait, Brian T; Rout, Michael P; Boeke, Jef D; Dai, LixinCell2013 Nov 211034-4824267889
Intracellular pH Measurements Using Perfluorocarbon Nanoemulsions.Patrick, Michael J; Janjic, Jelena M; Teng, Haibing; O'Hear, Meredith R; Brown, Cortlyn W; Stokum, Jesse A; Schmidt, Brigitte F; Ahrens, Eric T; Waggoner, Alan SJournal of the American Chemical Society2013 Dec 1118445-5724266634
Peroxisomes take shape.Smith, Jennifer J; Aitchison, John DNature reviews. Molecular cell biology2013 Dec803-1724263361
A Signaling Network of Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone.Goel, Renu; Raju, Rajesh; Maharudraiah, Jagadeesha; Sameer Kumar, Ghantasala S; Ghosh, Krishna; Kumar, Amit; Lakshmi, T Pragna; Sharma, Jyoti; Sharma, Rakesh; Balakrishnan, Lavanya; Pan, Archana; Kandasamy, Kumaran; Christopher, Rita; Krishna, V; Mohan, SJournal of proteomics & bioinformatics2011 Oct 29NULL24255551
PhosphoNetworks: a database for human phosphorylation networks.Hu, Jianfei; Rho, Hee-Sool; Newman, Robert H; Zhang, Jin; Zhu, Heng; Qian, JiangBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2014 Jan 1141-224227675
Genome-wide consequences of deleting any single gene.Teng, Xinchen; Dayhoff-Brannigan, Margaret; Cheng, Wen-Chih; Gilbert, Catherine E; Sing, Cierra N; Diny, Nicola L; Wheelan, Sarah J; Dunham, Maitreya J; Boeke, Jef D; Pineda, Fernando J; Hardwick, J MarieMolecular cell2013 Nov 21485-9424211263
Modeling of proteins and their assemblies with the Integrative Modeling Platform.Webb, Benjamin; Lasker, Keren; Velazquez-Muriel, Javier; Schneidman-Duhovny, Dina; Pellarin, Riccardo; Bonomi, Massimiliano; Greenberg, Charles; Raveh, Barak; Tjioe, Elina; Russel, Daniel; Sali, AndrejMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)2014277-9524203340
Retraction: Functional dissection of lysine deacetylases reveals that HDAC1 and p300 regulate AMPK.NULLNature2013 Nov 714624201285
High-resolution network biology: connecting sequence with function.Ryan, Colm J; Cimermancic, Peter; Szpiech, Zachary A; Sali, Andrej; Hernandez, Ryan D; Krogan, Nevan JNature reviews. Genetics2013 Dec865-7924197012
Localization Microscopy using Noncovalent Fluorogen Activation by Genetically Encoded Fluorogen-Activating Proteins.Yan, Qi; Schwartz, Samantha L; Maji, Suvrajit; Huang, Fang; Szent-Gyorgyi, Chris; Lidke, Diane S; Lidke, Keith A; Bruchez, Marcel PChemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry2013 Nov 5NULL24194371
Loss of TRPML1 promotes production of reactive oxygen species: is oxidative damage a factor in mucolipidosis type IV?Coblentz, Jessica; St Croix, Claudette; Kiselyov, KirillThe Biochemical journal2014 Jan 15361-824192042
Molecular mechanisms of system responses to novel stimuli are predictable from public data.Danziger, Samuel A; Ratushny, Alexander V; Smith, Jennifer J; Saleem, Ramsey A; Wan, Yakun; Arens, Christina E; Armstrong, Abraham M; Sitko, Katherine; Chen, Wei-Ming; Chiang, Jung-Hsien; Reiss, David J; Baliga, Nitin S; Aitchison, John DNucleic acids research2014 Feb1442-6024185701
The nuclear basket proteins Mlp1p and Mlp2p are part of a dynamic interactome including Esc1p and the proteasome.Niepel, Mario; Molloy, Kelly R; Williams, Rosemary; Farr, Julia C; Meinema, Anne C; Vecchietti, Nicholas; Cristea, Ileana M; Chait, Brian T; Rout, Michael P; Strambio-De-Castillia, CaterinaMolecular biology of the cell2013 Dec3920-3824152732
A role for cytosolic isocitrate dehydrogenase as a negative regulator of glucose signaling for insulin secretion in pancreatic ýý-cells.Guay, Claudiane; Joly, Erik; Pepin, Emilie; Barbeau, Annie; Hentsch, Lisa; Pineda, Marco; Madiraju, S R Murthy; Brunengraber, Henri; Prentki, MarcPloS one2013e7709724130841
Fluorogen-activating-proteins as universal affinity biosensors for immunodetection.Gallo, Eugenio; Vasilev, Kalin V; Jarvik, JonathanBiotechnology and bioengineering2013 Oct 9NULL24122476
A human proteome microarray identifies that the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) recognizes the 5' terminal sequence of the hepatitis C virus RNA.Fan, Baochang; Lu, Kuan-Yi; Reymond Sutandy, F X; Chen, Yi-Wen; Konan, Kouacou; Zhu, Heng; Kao, C Cheng; Chen, Chien-ShengMolecular & cellular proteomics : MCP2014 Jan84-9224113282
Rotenone induces reductive stress and triacylglycerol deposition in C2C12 cells.He, Quan; Wang, Miao; Petucci, Christopher; Gardell, Stephen J; Han, XianlinThe international journal of biochemistry & cell biology2013 Dec2749-5524104397
Recycling of kinesin-1 motors by diffusion after transport.Blasius, T Lynne; Reed, Nathan; Slepchenko, Boris M; Verhey, Kristen JPloS one2013e7608124098765
Recovering a representative conformational ensemble from underdetermined macromolecular structural data.Berlin, Konstantin; Castaneda, Carlos A; Schneidman-Duhovny, Dina; Sali, Andrej; Nava-Tudela, Alfredo; Fushman, DavidJournal of the American Chemical Society2013 Nov 616595-60924093873
Supervillin binding to myosin II and synergism with anillin are required for cytokinesis.Smith, Tara C; Fridy, Peter C; Li, Yinyin; Basil, Shruti; Arjun, Sneha; Friesen, Ryan M; Leszyk, John; Chait, Brian T; Rout, Michael P; Luna, Elizabeth JMolecular biology of the cell2013 Dec3603-1924088567
Integrated proteomic and metabolic analysis of breast cancer progression.Shaw, Patrick G; Chaerkady, Raghothama; Wang, Tao; Vasilatos, Shauna; Huang, Yi; Van Houten, Bennett; Pandey, Akhilesh; Davidson, Nancy EPloS one2013e7622024086712
Architectural organization of the metabolic regulatory enzyme ghrelin O-acyltransferase.Taylor, Martin S; Ruch, Travis R; Hsiao, Po-Yuan; Hwang, Yousang; Zhang, Pingfeng; Dai, Lixin; Huang, Cheng Ran Lisa; Berndsen, Christopher E; Kim, Min-Sik; Pandey, Akhilesh; Wolberger, Cynthia; Marmorstein, Ronen; Machamer, Carolyn; Boeke, Jef D; Cole, PThe Journal of biological chemistry2013 Nov 832211-2824045953
Elastic coupling of nascent apCAM adhesions to flowing actin networks.Mejean, Cecile O; Schaefer, Andrew W; Buck, Kenneth B; Kress, Holger; Shundrovsky, Alla; Merrill, Jason W; Dufresne, Eric R; Forscher, PaulPloS one2013e7338924039928
ATR kinase activation in G1 phase facilitates the repair of ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage.Gamper, Armin M; Rofougaran, Reza; Watkins, Simon C; Greenberger, Joel S; Beumer, Jan H; Bakkenist, Christopher JNucleic acids research2013 Dec10334-4424038466
Kinetochore function and chromosome segregation rely on critical residues in histones h3 and h4 in budding yeast.Ng, Tessie M; Lenstra, Tineke L; Duggan, Nicole; Jiang, Shuangying; Ceto, Steven; Holstege, Frank C P; Dai, Junbiao; Boeke, Jef D; Biggins, SueGenetics2013 Nov795-80724037263
Profiling the dynamics of a human phosphorylome reveals new components in HGF/c-Met signaling.Woodard, Crystal L; Goodwin, C Rory; Wan, Jun; Xia, Shuli; Newman, Robert; Hu, Jianfei; Zhang, Jin; Hayward, S Diane; Qian, Jiang; Laterra, John; Zhu, HengPloS one2013e7267124023761
SILAC-based quantification of Sirt1-responsive lysine acetylome.Chen, Yue; Colak, Gozde; Zhao, YingmingMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)2013105-2024014402
Single cell metabolic profiling of tumor mimics.Keithley, Richard B; Weaver, Eric M; Rosado, Andrea M; Metzinger, Mark P; Hummon, Amanda B; Dovichi, Norman JAnalytical chemistry2013 Oct 18910-824011091
Conformational States of macromolecular assemblies explored by integrative structure calculation.Thalassinos, Konstantinos; Pandurangan, Arun Prasad; Xu, Min; Alber, Frank; Topf, MayaStructure (London, England : 1993)2013 Sep 31500-824010709
Malachite green mediates homodimerization of antibody VL domains to form a fluorescent ternary complex with singular symmetric interfaces.Szent-Gyorgyi, Chris; Stanfield, Robyn L; Andreko, Susan; Dempsey, Alison; Ahmed, Mushtaq; Capek, Sarah; Waggoner, Alan S; Wilson, Ian A; Bruchez, Marcel PJournal of molecular biology2013 Nov 154595-61323978698
Accurate SAXS profile computation and its assessment by contrast variation experiments.Schneidman-Duhovny, Dina; Hammel, Michal; Tainer, John A; Sali, AndrejBiophysical journal2013 Aug 20962-7423972848
Fatty acidomics: global analysis of lipid species containing a carboxyl group with a charge-remote fragmentation-assisted approach.Wang, Miao; Han, Rowland H; Han, XianlinAnalytical chemistry2013 Oct 19312-2023971716
Pretreatment with pyridoxamine mitigates isolevuglandin-associated retinal effects in mice exposed to bright light.Charvet, Casey D; Saadane, Aicha; Wang, Meiyao; Salomon, Robert G; Brunengraber, Henri; Turko, Illarion V; Pikuleva, Irina AThe Journal of biological chemistry2013 Oct 1129267-8023970548
VirD: a virion display array for profiling functional membrane proteins.Hu, Shaohui; Feng, Yingzhu; Henson, Brandon; Wang, Bochu; Huang, Xiaofang; Li, Min; Desai, Prashant; Zhu, HengAnalytical chemistry2013 Sep 38046-5423941274
The yeast Snt2 protein coordinates the transcriptional response to hydrogen peroxide-mediated oxidative stress.Baker, Lindsey A; Ueberheide, Beatrix M; Dewell, Scott; Chait, Brian T; Zheng, Deyou; Allis, C DavidMolecular and cellular biology2013 Oct3735-4823878396
Specific changes of sulfatide levels in individuals with pre-clinical Alzheimer's disease: an early event in disease pathogenesis.Cheng, Hua; Wang, Miao; Li, Jian-Liang; Cairns, Nigel J; Han, XianlinJournal of neurochemistry2013 Dec733-823865640
Molecular crowding shapes gene expression in synthetic cellular nanosystems.Tan, Cheemeng; Saurabh, Saumya; Bruchez, Marcel P; Schwartz, Russell; Leduc, PhilipNature nanotechnology2013 Aug602-823851358
PhosphoChain: a novel algorithm to predict kinase and phosphatase networks from high-throughput expression data.Chen, Wei-Ming; Danziger, Samuel A; Chiang, Jung-Hsien; Aitchison, John DBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2013 Oct 12435-4423832245
Automated target segmentation and real space fast alignment methods for high-throughput classification and averaging of crowded cryo-electron subtomograms.Xu, Min; Alber, FrankBioinformatics (Oxford, England)2013 Jul 1i274-8223812994
SIRT5-Mediated Lysine Desuccinylation Impacts Diverse Metabolic Pathways.Park, Jeongsoon; Chen, Yue; Tishkoff, Daniel X; Peng, Chao; Tan, Minjia; Dai, Lunzhai; Xie, Zhongyu; Zhang, Yi; Zwaans, Bernadette M M; Skinner, Mary E; Lombard, David B; Zhao, YingmingMolecular cell2013 Jun 27919-3023806337
The Escherichia coli Phosphotyrosine Proteome Relates to Core Pathways and Virulence.Hansen, Anne-Marie; Chaerkady, Raghothama; Sharma, Jyoti; Diaz-Mejia, J Javier; Tyagi, Nidhi; Renuse, Santosh; Jacob, Harrys K C; Pinto, Sneha M; Sahasrabuddhe, Nandini A; Kim, Min-Sik; Delanghe, Bernard; Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy; Emili, Andrew; Kaper, JPLoS pathogens2013 June100340323785281
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Population-expression models of immune response.Stromberg, Sean P; Antia, Rustom; Nemenman, IlyaPhysical biology2013 Jun3501023735782
Cell Adhesion on Micro-Structured Fibronectin Gradients Fabricated by Multiphoton Excited Photochemistry.Chen, Xiyi; Su, Yuan-Deng; Ajeti, Visar; Chen, Shean-Jen; Campagnola, Paul JCellular and molecular bioengineering2012 Sep307-31923710258
Detection and correction of interference in SRM analysis.Bao, Y; Waldemarson, S; Zhang, G; Wahlander, A; Ueberheide, B; Myung, S; Reed, B; Molloy, K; Padovan, J C; Eriksson, J; Neubert, T A; Chait, B T; Fenyo, DMethods (San Diego, Calif.)2013 May 2323707623
Selective inhibition of p300 HAT blocks cell cycle progression, induces cellular senescence, and inhibits the DNA damage response in melanoma cells.Yan, Gai; Eller, Mark S; Elm, Courtney; Larocca, Cecilia A; Ryu, Byungwoo; Panova, Izabela P; Dancy, Beverley M; Bowers, Erin M; Meyers, David; Lareau, Lisa; Cole, Philip A; Taverna, Sean D; Alani, Rhoda MThe Journal of investigative dermatology2013 Oct2444-5223698071
Saturated very long chain Fatty acids are required for the production of infectious human cytomegalovirus progeny.Koyuncu, Emre; Purdy, John G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Shenk, ThomasPLoS pathogens2013 Maye100333323696731
Using glycinylation, a chemical derivatization technique, for the quantitation of ubiquitinated proteins.Fiedler, Katherine L; Cotter, Robert JAnalytical chemistry2013 Jun 185827-3423682733
A quantitative analysis of histone methylation and acetylation isoforms from their deuteroacetylated derivatives: application to a series of knockout mutants.Fiedler, Katherine L; Bheda, Poonam; Dai, Junbiao; Boeke, Jef D; Wolberger, Cynthia; Cotter, Robert JJournal of mass spectrometry : JMS2013 May608-1523674285
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Qualitative and quantitative metabolomic investigation of single neurons by capillary electrophoresis electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.Nemes, Peter; Rubakhin, Stanislav S; Aerts, Jordan T; Sweedler, Jonathan VNature protocols2013 Apr783-9923589938
In vivo biochemistry: applications for small molecule biosensors in plant biology.Jones, Alexander M; Grossmann, Guido; Danielson, Jonas Ah; Sosso, Davide; Chen, Li-Qing; Ho, Cheng-Hsun; Frommer, Wolf BCurrent opinion in plant biology2013 Jun389-9523587939
Postage for the messenger: designating routes for nuclear mRNA export.Natalizio, Barbara J; Wente, Susan RTrends in cell biology2013 Apr 11NULL23583578
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Differential principal component analysis of ChIP-seq.Ji, Hongkai; Li, Xia; Wang, Qian-fei; Ning, YangProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2013 Apr 236789-9423569280
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