• Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa Issues Awards

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  • Breaking News: SenNet to map rare cell types implicated in human health and disease

    NIH launches program to map a rare type of non-dividing cells implicated in human health and disease

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  • People standing over a maze toward hands surrounding a heart that represents health and health equity

    The Transformative Research to Address Health Disparities and Advance Health Equity Gets Underway

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  • NIH HRHR Awards

    Visit all four of the HRHR initiatives to learn more about the newly funded research!

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  • Woman exercising on treadmill in her living room

    NIH-funded study to recruit thousands of participants to reveal exercise impact at the molecular level

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  • The Integrative Human Microbiome Project conducted three long-term studies following host and microbiome interactions during pregnancy and preterm birth, inflammatory bowel disease, and prediabetes

    The Human Microbiome Project expands the toolbox for studying host and microbiome interactions

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  • ExRNA molecules associated with carriers that transport them between cells

    Cells use RNA to communicate; researchers may be able to translate this information into clinical applications

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