H3Africa Program Resources​

H3ABioNet: a pan-African Bioinformatics network comprising 32 Bioinformatics research groups distributed among 15 African countries and two partner Institutions based in the USA which support H3Africa researchers and their projects while developing Bioinformatics capacity within Africa.

Biorepositories: a network of three biorepositories for storing and distributing biological samples throughout the African continent. Biospecimen requests need to be approved by the Data and Biospecimen Access Committee (DBAC) to insure that secondary use complies with the policies and principles of H3Africa.

Pan-African genotyping array: In 2017, a pan-African genotyping array for single nucleotide polymorphisms unique to Africa was developed by H3Africa in partnership with the African Society of Human Genetics, and Wellcome Trust. The H3Africa array contains significantly more African representation than any other chip, including at least eight populations that have not previously been sequenced, and thus will provide a substantial improvement in sensitivity for African genome wide association studies. Check back for more information about the array as it becomes available.

H3Africa Consortium website: run and administered by the H3Africa Consortium with the latest H3Africa news, contacts, resources, events, and links to follow them on Twitter or join their listserv.

Consortium Documents
H3Africa Data Sharing, Access & Release Policy
H3Africa Guidelines for Community Engagement
H3Africa Guidelines for Informed Consent
H3Africa Phenotype Harmonization Working Group Recommendations

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