NIH Director's Early Independence Award Program

Submission Details

Institution Name:
Drexel University
Institution Website:
DUNS Number:
Institution Contact Information:
Michael T. Edwards, Sr. Assoc. Vice Provost for Research
Brief description of research areas being targeted by the Institution for the EIA initiative (with specific websites, if available):
health services; health informatics; clinical or healthcare interventions; health disparities; nutrition science; cinical nutrition; biomechanics; activity & participation; childhood onset disability; human simulation; mental health; maternal and child health; neuroengineering; tissue and regenerative engineering; biophotonics; biomedical devices; biomedical informatics; bioengineering, biophysics; biomaterials; bioinformatics; eating disorders and obesity; autism; viral epidemiology; LGBT health
Materials that prospective EIA candidates need to submit:
Description of process for prospective EIA candidates (if available):
Specific institutional website for prospective EIA candidates (if available):
Other information (please provide any other instructions to potential EIA candidates)

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